She hugged him tightly wrapped glanced arm, open voice asked him, “but also to afflictive?Do you want to sleep for a while?”

  Huo Qian did not think she would suddenly be concerned about her, ears fever, vertical pupil of the eye will be determined by looking at the face in close proximity, the body of the air conditioning finally subsided.
  But he playfully sip Min Chun, replied, “you will control me what?May you go to parties not on the list?”
  Nan Fei Yu half amused eye, pinched his tiger’s mouth, threatened, “you say that again?”
  This depressed Huo Qian shook his head, gently should be the one, “No, I’m fine..”
  ”That’s good, or really does not move with you.”Nan Fei Yu Lin Yi Connaught attention in the body, casually said somethi深圳桑拿网ng, then got up and left.
  Huo Qian heard her sentence, but my heart thump a bit, handsome face is also more serious and dignified.
  He looked at her back, clenched teeth, he does not need her to, he could at her side.
  Nan Fei Yu came to the party around May towards him do not have meaning smiled, “Fang month, your injury okay?”
  ”South, you have to watch to see enough of it you Spot!”Fang months staring ran over South Fei Yu, teeth, have also been her pale face flushed with anger, and looks much sort of glamorous.
  ”Gee, really the United States.”Nan Fang Fei Yu could not help but face touched a month.
  ”South!You give me stop!”Fang month angrily hand holding her wrist,” believe it or not I knifed your hand!”
  Palm of the hand holding the tender endless, although he angry, but could not help but glanced down.
  Nan Y北京夜生活网u Fei broke his hand a little bit, rub a little wrist, his mouth spit out the words, “do not believe.”
  Fang month paused, then disgust look askance at her, carrying the arrogant chin said something, “Get.”
  His most hated those who coveted him this face, this little fox even dare to touch him!
  He grew more and more gas, readily grabbed a handful of earlier Lin Yi Snow falling dagger, Yu Fei’s face toward the south to paddle!
  But after all parties month also suffering from injuries, the attacker’s movements are slow a lot, south Yu Fei escaped his head on lightweight.

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  Thanks to cast [mines] little angel: slight, Maple Leaf 1;
  Thanks to small irrigation [nutrition] angel:
  I I I I 10 bottles; paper book book book 5 bottles; you do not come to me unharmed bottle;
  Thank you for supporting me, I will continue to work hard!

Chapter 49
  Nguyen rain lashes thrill, hanging above the 北京风月会所glistening tears rolled down also followed, she snorted softly, “you can do?”
  Her voice was light, with a bit more than panic, prayer beads on white from Chen started rolling subconscious, I thought, in the end was a little girl.
  Quiet in the air, only to hear snapped, the door opened, the white from Chen take practical action to tell the rain Can Nguyen.
  Some big car, Nguyen rain climbed up later, muffled a cry, “Thank you,!”Then she looked out the window of the tractor, hesitant bite Yaochun, want to say something, but felt this requirement somewhat unreasonable, and in the end did not say.
  Bai Qi Chen glance, seem to suddenly understand the meaning of Nguyen rain.
  He told Road in front of the six sub-fields, “six children, you stay put, et al.!”Ruan rain Hearing this, suddenly looked up, eyes sparkling white from watching Chen.
  He made these remarks say, six sub-fields started up, somewhat reluctantly, “You are a man I do not trust!”
  Nguyen rain also know that is difficult for some people, she whispered, “or else.Otherwise you have one in place you can wait for a while with me?”
  Bai Qi Chen eyebrows, “is still in front of your family, it should be an accident!”
  His tone is positive, rather than questions.
  What happened before, no one with the white fro深圳桑拿网m Chen said he has by virtue of Nguyen rain reaction, as well as on-site environment to infer everything.
  Nguyen rain think lies ahead against the run on two legs carrying her grandmother’s brother, she nodded her head.
  The first time, some dilemma.
  If not met since white Chen, she could honestly still waiting for their own brother with a helper over, but appears white from Chen gave her a greater choice.

  ”This story, pretending to b上海夜网e a girl, my heart girl.Is you.”

  Yuyao Yao already guessed this episode, but now hear this acid very cool idea that, she still felt a little too stimulating Ziyaliezui.
  She could not help pick up the table ice watermelon juice, drink a big mouth.
  And Chen Qiao now look in her eyes peach, still full of soulful.
  ”Sorry, today let her hurt you.”
  ”Sorry, today.I just rediscovered you.”
  Yuyao Yao suddenly pop to look in his mouth watermelon juice have erupted.
  This lines, and really let her goose bumps ah!
  She raising his hand to stop moving his little essay.
  Lingshuang the ground and then also get up with the last vestiges of strength, rushed on to seize the last straw attempt!
  ”Mr. Shen, you have heard!Chen Qiao told Yuyao Yao has been hooked up together for years!”
  ”She always wanted derailed, but for so many years, Chen Qiao I have been prevented!But now, I think he should hinder him to kick me, and firmly keep a married woman Yuyao Yao hooked together, they complete the total sink your face all discreditable!”
  Shen Yi Chong looked at her with faint.
  His expression had not even a hint of change.
  He has been in the stripping small walnut hand Dayton, and on out into the air beckoned.
  The next second, howling Lingshuang, bodyguards was a hand over his mouth!
  Lingshuang unable to 北京夜网pay even a syllable, and soon his face completely because they can not breathe while the plainer!
  But Shen Yi Chong did not look at her, holding a napkin to wipe the spittle of being sprayed with hands in disgust glanced down eye on that pot of small walnuts just before the finish peeling.
  ”Take her to catch it, blocking the mouth, so she finished stripping the store of all small walnut walk.”
  Shen Yi Chong said something coolly, bodyguards immediately carrying Lingshuang finally restore breathing, dragged her away.
  Lingshuang even struggling to have forgotten, like the fall Bingku, the whole body can not move!!
  Shen Yi Chong, Chong’s wife is not a man you warm?!
  She just almost suffocated!
  And she was towed to see Shen Yi Chong, only lift eye coldly look to stand in front of them Chen Qiao.

  So, this time he stressed that he has been in closed thank-you, but those people are still there are countless ways you want to be close to Han Yu cloud here.

  In fact, as long as Han Yu Yun said two words, large sums of money goes into his pocket, but he happens to not want to do such a person, but delayed his good time.

  ☆, four hundred and thirtieth chapters you do not deserve

  At least, it is like that of.
  In the evening, Han Yu cloud no further delays, he took advantage of moonlight and Motoki two men went inside the prison.
  Because of reasons Mu yun, Han Yu cloud out of the prison is now very contented.Simply informed the cry of it, which the guards took him before the general Zhao.
  After the guards would quietly back out, and Motoki also did not come with standing outside guarding.
  Han Yu cloud and did not open the cell door, but took a stool to sit on the outside.Then condescending looked at his cell on the ground, lying there in the Zhao Wei.
  He seemed to look through a lot of punishment, are blood stains on clothes, very unbearable.
  There is not the slightest Zhao excess surface expression, but Han Yu cloud out there watching Zhao find any hearts not amused.
  ”A few days gone, how General Zhao became a painting look like?”
  A few days ago, Han Y深圳蒲友论坛u Zhao Yun met when Zhao was still there to justify the arrogance.So even think of trying to prove something, but now it has become like this pair.
  Suddenly, Han Yu cloud mood seemed heavy, he sighed, and will be determined by watching.
  He just did not think General Zhao will be reduced to the point where today, after hearing this voice slightly move a little there Zhao Wei, Han Yu is confirmed until after a cloud of sound, the people are all of a sudden with a temper like He sat up.
  Zhao against Han Yu Yun shouted: “What are you doing here?”
  Han Yu cloud complex look, then laughed a bit.”This world is so big that there is somewhere I can not go it?”
  Han Yu Yun said until such time, Zhao realized I was just too excited mood, so he quickly adjust their mentality.
  ”Of course there are places you can not go, I always thought杭州桑拿 that the Korean doctor is a smart man, but now it seems much better than this.”
  This time, Zhao Wei’s statement harvest with some sigh, with a hint of desperation.For a moment, Han Yu Yun thought, now this piece looks like General Zhao because he caused.
  ”What can I smart, but also an ordinary person’s mind.And now to this point, General Zhao also expect the doctor what I can do?”
  Suddenly, General Zhao desperate efforts to climb up against the wall, leaning there.
  But the whole process, also a Han Yu cloud a Pie.After Han Yu’s eyes never fell upon the cloud one second, as if Han Yu cloud is what people generally inaccessible.

  Qi original craziest fans.This is the same god exists when the novel way clear, but Yan Qi original value of the height of perfection, their hearts when the road becomes clear.

  Some younger fans can not properly express their feelings, the book occasionally cause dissatisfaction powder.
  Part of the book Pink dissatisfaction with the casting, w北京体验网ill cause the siege Qi original fans.
  Gesanchaiwu burst tear force, and sometimes tear on hot search.
  All in all, “Thorn had” concerns and topics of increasingly high volume, highly anticipated.
  We look forward to a time when second extreme when news Sina launched a jaw-dropping news.
  Pei Yu Media closed down.
  Many people know, Pei Yu is contracted to “stab yourself” media company.Pei Yu took the original “thorn had” made a pass is issued countless.
  Pei Yu also has a decades-old veteran of the company, but the work has been launched bland.Time, some books powder questioned whether Pei Yu competent “thorn own” production.
  Until the end of last year and has released the pass is issued, said Pei Yu spent hundreds of millions of the effort to build, directly blocked all the voices of doubt.
  When Qi Jing Jin and starred in the original news that came out, there are many people sigh, worthy of a big production.
  ”what’s the situation.Such a large media company, said going down like.”
  ”Pei Yu hat and no cattle it will not.After a drawn brain invited actor actress, and then found to afford the fee.”
  ”You pink circle brush every day, Pei Yu # # today the closure of yet, Pei Yu # # Media dead yet, congratulations on your dreams come true [a head].”
  ”” Stab yourself “is estimated to be cool, I hope to have better company to take over.”
  News that came out, the crew was still shooting.
  Zhuo Tong saw the news, but also shocked: “fog grass.”
  Lang Jiang has just finished “good, too,” crew instantly open discussion, spread panic atmosphere.
  Before half time, the studio is also very quiet, never had such a big movement.
  Jiang Lang can not help but frown: “how?”
  A male actor courage to ask him: “Jiang guide, Pei Yu went out of the media, we also shoot do not shoot ah.”
  ”Pei Yu bankrupt?!”Jiang Lang raised an eyebrow in surprise.

  Zhou Pei looked at four others, they have a cat with a cub eagle, blue bird cub respectively, Iwao snake cubs, lion cubs fire.

  ”Ok.It seems only pups with us are not afraid of the cold.”His invitation to Osmond,” that we form an alliance it!”

Chapter 129 final chapter
  Osmond arms Chuaizhao small polar bear, its claws Gouzhuo Osmond’s neckline of her dress, watery eyes wide open, a man shouted in a bear to look Pei Zhou: “That’s what our first project to play good?”
  Pei Zhou: “how a roller coast北京夜网论坛er ride?”
  Osmond brow of a challenge: “early in the morning so exciting?”
  Pei Zhou: “first observed in the high altitude is not it easier to determine the location of it Duijiang Quan?Moreover, we can.Choose a cub-type coaster ride ah!”
  With a passing column of a roller coaster, Pei Zhou has long been observed, this car is classified, pups version of Speed will open too many safe, but also to choose a closed carriage, and experience effect is estimated to almost fly.
  Osmond naturally not opposed to the views of Pei boat, so they excitedly went first amusement attractions.
  Hapei blue bird holding a finger to coax it along the other side of the tail feathers good point, I looked up to see two of Osment and Pei boat ran out of sight: “They sit a roller coaster!Do we have to keep up?”
  Dr. pray standing on the shoulders of an owl cub: “Do not worry, we can start to play at the lake rides, roller coaster ride also had time to go.”
  Hapei voice was uncertain: “Come.And it was?Duijiang Quan person on the coaster will not be pre-empted it?”
  Dr. Chi calm and said: “You can take a ride.”
  Hapei: “???”

  Out the window, filled the snow flying around in the air Da Zhezhuan, the sky overcast, a Samuume only the window n无锡夜网ext to the Plaza ramp, fired several branches bud out exploration with a shy mood, the people see hope Jisi spring.

  Long window Mainland burned brightly, chaise couch woman holding a book, the people are wrapped in a fur coat, only revealing a full forehead and delicate facial features.
  A voice sounded flattering.
  The woman moved out of a book, and looks toward the window that place, revealing a light shallow smile.
  The sound persistent efforts.
  ”Wo Hui, this morning it did not fill its belly?”
  ”How can the kitchen to feed the deployment of eating a small bowl of it, it it is greedy, I want to discuss two girls to eat.”Wo Hui before smiling on the ground, he caught a few seeds handed over.
  Bird shelf uploaded to the beak pecking seeds “tuk tuk” sound.
  Ruan Xiao looked at it, could not help laughing.
杭州夜网论坛  Since Lin to walk north, Jing’an palace only a few servants, after the end of the off-limits order, Ruan Xiao thought of Rattus children, afraid to stay in the Jing’an palace servants take care of ill, then let Ze rushed to Rattus children pick out on the possessor of Princess House.
  Door “squeak” sound was pushed open, the snow was cold and wrapped into the room, Xiao Ruan shivered, softly anger sentence: “Wood Okinawa, cold.”
  The door was quickly closed, a familiar voice asked with a smile: “the second girl, you’re so cold, silver carbon enough yet?Any further redeployment of some people over?”
  Rattus gas in full cry of children.
  Ruan Xiao looked up, actually cloud quickly-deteriorating jade.
  She stared starling one, got up and greeted: “Cloud father, is what brings you here?”

  ”Obviously, something happened at home?”She asked..

  If the South Ming quickly opening, “is Lin Nana, she told her mother and father to see you on a man’s car, just promise housekeeper came to report that someone sent you back.”
  Nan Yu Fei suddenly so angry is because South River Hsu Yi.
  She now do not understand some of the South River Yin books and no feelings, sometimes like very concerned about, but sometimes very ruthless.
  So now he is jealous, angry or just?
  She trotted, came outside the South River’s bedroom, looked through the door did not close good.
  If the South ran out carefully, a little worried, “is to fight yet?Mom will not be bullied?”
  Nan Fei Yu touches are not afraid of a fight, Yin book will not quarrel together, she is afraid of anger in South River will hurt her just.
  ”Yin Yin book book ah, you courageous really growing, and even still went out of the man?”South Yin Jiang grabbed the hand of the book, but also touch on a great voice.
  Yin book could not escape, he pressed directly on the table.
  He will also hold back her hands pressed tightly to her, “say ah, ah explain the man that it is the hospital that day?So quickly enough on the?”
  ”I do not have.”Yin book a bite out word for word, because they were humiliated, a face grew rosy pink, extra charm people.
  Southern’s eyes became blurred, and regardless of her rebuttal, looking down and kissed her want.
  But she ducked.
  Him because of her actions and more angry, “Yin books, you forget it, you’re still my wife, you dare 上海夜网hide?”
  Outside, south Fei Yu looked at the scales seem large, they pushed south if the Ming and motioned for him to leave.
  But if South flushed out, though afraid to look at the room, but would not leave.
  She has looked inside to see, but also pulled her hand, wanted to cover her eyes.

  The workplace, this is hard temper led the most annoying, orange can be hard Zhao rest of my life, and therefore suffered many hardships, can be covered from the inside out, leaving her with a tenacity that is her own up , crossed she is not willing to lose.

  Mei Zhen sigh headache, hesitated hesitated, still can not say let go, then Bi Xuemei.
  Zhao Orange is already determined to go, and if we oust the Bi Xuemei also, that even if Zhao Orange is willing to continue to take the time to help her with apprentices, or to store at least half a month to a month vacancy.
  Has been renovated shop next door, just wait a few days she went to Shenzhen to see clothing, personally batch of new clothes back on it opened.
  Mei Zhen really do not want to bear this loss.
  ”Oranges, this thing is I did not find the right person, I would not have the time to be with my mother rush, just pick up people.Then deduct wages let alone these days Xuemei words and deeds I see in the eyes, let you wronged.”
  Mei Zhen also sincerely say these words, immediately opened his bag and pulled out a sum of money, to a full month’s wages Zhao Orange.
  These words made my heart feel oppressed Zhao orange loose more, his face taut face also ease down.
  Zhao Orange excess wages out, back into the hands of Mei Zhen, “Zhen Jie, I should not have, I Zhao orange one point will not touch, or the old saying goes, your kindness I Zhao orange in mind later there is anything I could help, just say.”
  In the end is the first job through to fin苏州夜网d their future in this world, and it is her job to say in the face of sudden emotional outlet Lin Jiancheng, with sufficient capital retreat.
  The kindness, even if it does not know Mei Zhen, Zhao is orange, it is not the original one hundred seventy dollars to pay so simple.
  Mei Zhen sighed and smiled to see Zhao orange, “That’s OK, I’m your sister, remember these words!Dashun two cis, after her mother used to come to the store to play.”
  Do not know what happened to the Dashun along with two orange looked up to see Zhao, Zhao Orange smiled and nodded at them.
  Linda Shun relieved, this should be laughing out loud, then the Mei Zhen.
  On the way back Zhao orange with two children explain a bit, saying that he prepared to open a shop, they say they do not go after studio work.
  ”That should have been my mother you are not at home with us?”
  Has been quietly listening to the Liner Shun caught the point, I can not wait to ask questions.
  Linda Shun idea of a crooked, tangled brow wrinkled up, “Wu grandma that it has come to our house?”

  White habitat Wu quickly hugged, looked down, semi-mysterious love that the coke tail piano, and this mysterious piano or half crown that year and hand-made, very general sense.

  She immediately wanted to go, and let her put ginger Rou, also rushed half-Hyun crowded eyes: “Teacher, habitat Wu sister put this fancy, and you must sell it.”
  Semi-meaningful mysterious eyes, stretched the voice said: “cut!To my darling I’m willing to.”
  Ambiguity two words, seemingly in with ginger Rou said, but it is actually like to join White habitat Wu’s ear.
  Girl wink laugh, provoke habitat Wu flawless hands and feet of white, red ears and neck together.
  Three warm atmosphere, who did not manage to Wei Zi standing in the doorway of interest and obsessed.
  Wei Zi into sharp eyes, watching the white arms that the habitat Wu Jiao Mei Qin, hands are clenched.
  Interest rates obsessed with migraine, whispered in her ear: “Wei Zi, which are not ordinary ginger Rou, so she does not know wh无锡夜网at black magic, my brother and Qi Ge fans have three faint five, now you big cousin also so good to her, you be careful, you let the other three mo contact with her cousin.”
  Wei purple eyes flashing as she looked obsessed with an interest, sneer sound.
  Turned around, her heels towards the door, smiled and said: “Great exceedingly eccentric cousin, the capital who do not know, big cousin piano heart cinnabar mole that is, those who are unwilling to give in, this can be a big cousin a delivery is two, even my sister are envious of it.”
  Words acid does not slip autumn, people made a deep inverted tooth.
  Wei Zi also pull over to rest obsessed with: “big cousin, is also obsessed with the piano playing of these days, or you can also send her a?”
  Half received a mysterious face, cold stare askance obsessed with interest, not polite 北京风月网to say: “She is my Who?”
  To Wei Zi stunned, apparently did not understand what he meant.
  Jiang Rou sneer, with white habitat Wu whisper: “Wu habitat sister, how expensive the capital are so shameless woman, you want to face things are made clear, stingy friends, like I said I do not want to piano, are teachers forced upon me.”
  Earlier the head, after she recovered, she will stream Zhu interest in what happens at home have said.