Country Health Committee: Delta spreads fast, vivo replication vaccination vaccine can reduce the risk of communication

People’s Network Beijing August 5 (Reporter Cui Yuanyuan) Today, the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism holds a launch conference on further strengthening the situation of epidemic prevention and control.

He Qinghua, a Delta strain that triggered this round of the epidemic, He Qinghua, a national health and health committee, confident, said that from the current point of view, relevant scientific research and epidemic prevention and control practices at home and abroad have proven that Delta variabrant is not leading The biological characteristics of new crown viruses have been subversive, still coronaviruses, infective sources, and propagation pathways are basically clear. The existing epidemic prevention and control measures are still effective to Delta variand, and existing vaccines can still have good prevention and protection, which can effectively reduce the incidence of severe infection. He Qinghua introduced that Delta variabted strain was first found in September 2020, a variant strain reported in India. World Health Organization announced the introduction of Delta variand strains into global concerns, which has been popular in more than 130 countries and regions, which have become a major virus strain globally. The virus has the characteristics of fast communication speed, fast copy, and the time of turnover is long.

He Qinghua said that in some time, my country’s first successfully blocked the local epidemic dissemination of Delta variand strains in the Guangdong Province of Guangdong Province in Guangdong Province.

Through the epidemic disposal, the vaccination can reduce the propagation risk of viruses in the population, reducing the communication power of infected people. Continue to implement such public health measures to wear a mask, handle, maintain social distance, avoid people’s aggregation and flow, etc.