Changsha County Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau: actively carry out credit repair to help optimize business environment

People’s Network Changsha December 10th is to promote the construction of social credit system, create a good atmosphere of honesty and trustworthiness. The county in-depth promotes the credit repair and automatic performance of the executor and automatically perform the forward incentive mechanism, and the establishment of a credit repair incentive system that is conducive to guiding the faith is active to actively correct the faith behavior and improve its own ability. "In order to give ‘honest and unfortunate’ debtors’ chances, establish the guidance of faith punishment and integrity, since 2020, Changsha County Administration Law Enforcement Bureau began trial" Regulations on the Implementation of the Implementation of the Credit Repair Method of the Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Changsha County Implementing the incentives of the executor credit repair, expanding the trustworthiness and motivation effect, and creates a trustworthy social atmosphere. "The relevant person in charge of the Changsha County Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau introduced that this year has completed the credit Changsha, credit China and other credit platforms have been completed more than 2,200 credit platforms. Credit repair, helping companies regain development confidence and effectively stimulate market subjectivity.

Credit repair makes the untrusted "hematopoietic regeneration" "this policy is very human. After our company is in credit repair, he just participated in a bidding activity, successfully winning, especially thank you, helping us to spend the ‘winter’.

Mr. Hu, the head of Hunan Construction Co.

Mr. Hu is mainly engaged in construction engineering. Some time ago, when the company participated in a bidding activity, it was told that there was a faith information on the "Credit China" website, and participating in bidding and reassemble, if not promptly credit Repair, companies will face business crisis. On the occasion of justice, Mr. Hu learned that the Changsha County Law Enforcement Bureau tried the credit repair incentive mechanism to see the hope of him to submit credit repair applications to the County Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau.

After review, the bureau’s legal department and the county and city credit repair work responsible departments have been successfully repaired in "Credit Changsha" and "Credit China", and promptly helps enterprises to save the influence of falsehood.

Let Mr. Hu and its enterprises can "error correction resurrection" credit repair, which is an incentive mechanism for the Changsha County Administration for Deepening administrative law enforcement and promoting the construction of social credit system construction exploration.

By positive guidance, encourage the parties to fulfill their obligations, allowing the parties to correct the behavior, not only help to resolve the implementation challenge, but also strongly promote the improvement of the social credit system.

Paying close attention to the implementation of the business administrative punishment information as a bad information into the corporate credit file, affecting the multifaceted work of the enterprise, is the "stumbling foot" of enterprises. Since August 30, 2020, the County Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau began trial "Regulations on the Implementation of the Implementation of the Credit Repair Measures for the Executive Law of Changsha County, which clearly specifies the types of conflict behavior, credit repair conditions, no credit repair situation and credit The process of repairing the rules (including individuals and enterprises), actively performing legal obligations, repairing the social relationships and administrative order, and maximizing illegal acts to their own, others and society Negative Effects. "At work, we have found that some eligible companies do not look forward to the initiative to carry out credit repair. It is often necessary to apply for problems. If some companies urgently need financial credit, participate in bidding and other credit support, this Delayed time. "The relevant person in charge of the Changsha County Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau said that in the fine-proof of the early stage, they found that there were about more than 3,000 administrative punishments in the county in accordance with the credit information repair conditions, but there were more in credit repair. Large short. In this case, the Changsha County Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau highlights the key points in the construction of the credit system, pays close attention to the implementation of credit repair, and take the initiative to remind the sinister entity for repair, and the representative of the negative letter of the company will carry out the credit repair special training meeting, actively Talking about the serious confidence main body of "repeatedly banned, repeated penalty", for some foreign faith mains, using WeChat, email, fax method, and review the letter repair decisions, and help corporate credit repair " Zero run ". Next, the bureau will continue to improve the relevant system, smooth letter repair channels, standardize credit repair management, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, and help enterprises. (若 溪 胡) (Editor: Li Shujing, Luo Shuai) Sharing let more people see client downloads.