Three shots + white edge scored 98 points, the Blazers approached the playoffs

“Three shots + white edge” scored 98 points, the Blazers approached the playoffs
The overall state of the Trail Blazers is far less than last season, but since Anthony joined him, he and Lillard, McCollum’s outside three shots and the “white edge” Whiteside joined this season have become more tacit, and the Trail Blazers have also renewedApproaching the playoff genes.Today, the Blazers challenged the Wizards away, Lillard, McCollum, Anthony contributed 35 points, 24 points, 16 points, Whiteside scored 23 points, 21 rebounds in a super double double, the Blazers 122Take the opponent lighter than 103.After this campaign, the team was only 0 away from the Spurs, ranked eighth in the west.5 wins.Compared with last season’s score, as the Blazers’ dual-core, Lillard and McCollum are not in poor condition. Their personal data even rose slightly, but due to injuries and other reasons, the team’s record is not good.Anthony’s arrival was not immediate, but the team is slowly improving its record and ranking.In the past more than a month, the 35-year-old Anthony has not disappointed the team, starting 20 appearances and averaging 16 contributions per game.2 points, 6.Two rebounds is the team’s third focus. It is second only to Whiteside in rebounds per game. His three-point shooting is as high as 41%, averaging 1 per game.2 three-pointers.In this game, Anthony is still highly effective. He contributed 16 points on 7 of 9 shots. Lillard and McCollum also feel hot. The former scored 35 points on 10 of 20, usually 24 points on 10 of 18. Of course, WhitesideThe 23 points and 21 rebounds are equally critical. Three outside shots plus “white edges” are becoming a conventional weapon for the Blazers to win.The regular season has never passed half, the Blazers still have a long time, many games from me to prove, improve the record and ranking.When Nurkic, Hood, Zack Collins and other long-term illnesses come back, I believe the team will make full impact on the playoffs.