if we assume“What am i”Are the most humble words in the world,and“What are you”Are the most arrogant words in the world,So what Xiang Chen just said to Zhu Ruzhi and others,Is completely beyond the scope of this assessment。

After speaking, Xiang Chen stood motionless,There is no contempt in the eyes,No pride,Look closely,Xiang Chen’s eyes seemed to be numb,Doesn’t even have extra looks,It seems to be saying,What are you all here。
Someone is angry,Naturally, people are convinced。
After Xiang Chen’s voice fell for a while,Zhu Ruzhi got up and took the wine glass,Actually it’s not just Zhu Ruzhi,Some people also thought of the beauty。
The young master of the Magic Capital Li Family was going to die in Wanghai today,But because of the Zhu family,The young master of the Li family in the magic capital did not die here,Not to mention how the magic capital Li family will retaliate,Just see how the Li family will repay the Zhu family!Xiang Chen wants to kill Li Tianxing,What strength will the magic capital Li family use to retaliate against Xiang Chen,I would express my gratitude to the Zhu family,Such a birthday gift,Is indeed the heaviest presence,And the Zhu family will never turn away。
“The kid did give us a big gift from the Zhu family!”
Zhu Ruzhi said with a smile,When I look at Xiang Chen again,The wine glass in his hand is empty。
Looked back,No need for Zhu Ruzhi,Someone arranged for a doctor to treat Li Tianxing。
“Hope we meet next time,Not too long apart。”
When being sent away,Pass by Xiang Chen,Li Tianxing looks at Xiang Chen,It seems that I want to portray every expression of Xiang Chen in my mind,Then Xiang Chen grabbed Li Tianxing’s other arm,After a little effort,Li Tianxing’s other arm was also broken。
Such a picture makes the viewers feel nervous,Until Xiang Chen and Yao Yao left with Xiang Yang,No one dares to stop it anymore。
I thought there was a fight,Xiangyang is already gearing up to show off,But somehow they were taken away by Xiang Chen and Yao Yao,The dull waved goodbye to Zhu Shiyao and Xiao Xiaoxiao,Xiang Yang was taken out of the venue like this。
“What are you two doing?”
After leaving the venue,Xiangyang broke free from the lead of Xiang Chen and Yao Yao,Looking complainingly at two men,Zhu Shiyao warmly invited herself to the banquet,But didn’t even say goodbye,How can Xiangyang not be angry?
“Missy,Get out in time if you take advantage,You still stay there,Are you going to let people catch you as a novel animal for research??”
Xiang Chen black face,Seems to have been with me for a long time,This girl has forgotten even the most basic common sense of fighting,Take advantage of it and not run,Isn’t this just to leave people’s own message?!
“If you are really scared,Won’t do that at a banquet!”
Xiangyang rolled his eyes,Xiang Chen and Yao Yao are obviously confident,Otherwise, I won’t fight unscrupulously at Grandpa Zhu’s banquet.。
Xiang Chen smiled without saying a word,All daughters can kill the father with one blow,Questioning Xiangyang,Xiang Chen has always been obedient,But Yao Yao is not such an educational philosophy。