“alright,Talk business。”

After speaking, Qiao Tianyu came carefully to the door of the room,I lay my ears on the door and listened for a while,After making sure that no one is eavesdropping,Take the chubby face and sit down in front of the bed。
“Keying,I think there is a problem with this Sanchez。”Qiao Tianyu whispered,After speaking, he took it out of his pocket5Zhang Hundred Dollar Bills。
“In a while you secretly find a hotel attendant,Give him this money,Let him find some information about the election。”
“Include the general election flyer、newspaper、And election analysis, etc.,The more the better,I’m here waiting for you。”
“Ok。”Little fat face saw Qiao Tianyu look serious,No more fight,Quickly agree。
“and also。”Qiao Tianyu continued。
“You call George in a while,The Macro Investment Department of Goldman Sachs Group annually analyzes the economic situation of major countries in the world。”
“Let George help me get the latest report on the Mexican economy right away,And the latest trends of major financial institutions,Immediately!immediately!”
“Ok。”Little fat face led two tasks,Start immediately。
I did drink a lot of wine tonight,Qiao Tianyu thinks the brain is a little confused,Take advantage of the little fat face to find the information space,Qiao Tianyu hurry up。
When the little fat face comes back with the information two hours later,Qiao Tianyu’s wine spirit has completely passed。
Good guy,Sure enough, money can make ghosts go!
Just two hours,Collected so much information,It’s really hard for the waiter。