“dad,Xiao Fan and I plan to go on vacation,rest for few days,I want to trouble you to think about things in the company,Do you say yes?”Although Lin Yuna’s question is a tone of asking the other party’s opinion,But no matter how you listen to his tone,It’s definitely not like asking。

because,Whether it is Lin Feng,Or Xiao Fan,That sounds,It’s definitely an informative tone。
But,Lin Feng’s love for Lin Yuner is absolutely nothing to doubt,so,Although he can hear Lin Yoona’s tone,but,But he didn’t care at all。
so,After Lin Yuna’s voice fell,,Lin Feng replied directly:“OK,It’s ok,You two have fun,I’ll call Dad about the company。”
“Old man,Is it Yoona’s call??”Just when Lin Yoona wanted to say something,On the other end of the phone, Lin Yoona’s mother’s voice came directly。
Chapter six hundred and twenty-three Mysterious topic
“Yes,She said she was going on vacation with Xiao Fan,Let me go to the company for her these days!”Lin Feng said。
“Vacation?You give me your phone!”
“do not,My daughter called me。”Listen to what Lin Feng meant,He seems to be reluctant to call Liu Chunlan。
“Get you!”Lin Yuna listened to the meaning on the other end of the phone,It should be Lin Yoona’s mother that took the phone from Lin Feng。
then,In Lin Yoona’s heart, there is more or less helplessness。
Sometimes Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan,It really looks like a pair of old children,Before this time,That is when Lin Yuner was young,Because of Liu Chunlan’s character,So the family has been in harmony。
but,A lot of things happened later,slowly,Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan’s relationship has unexpectedly improved。
Although this is beyond Lin Yuner’s expectation,But,After all, for their entire Lin family,That can be considered a good thing。