“Whatever means!I’m not afraid!”Qiao Tianyu spurned。

“teacher,Students have to remind you,You must take care of your body,You are the magic needle of China Finance,As long as you are,Those demons and monsters dare not act rashly!”Li De knows Qiao Tianyu’s temper,He is so worried about this teacher。
“it is good,Do not worry。”Qiao Tianyu also put down the phone with tears in his eyes。
Subsequently, Qiao Tianyu dialed the Crown Prince and Minister of Finance of Saudi Arabia Harita and Russia’s largest financial oligarch.–Andre’s phone。
Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil exporter,Countless petrodollars have been accumulated over the years,The Russian financial oligarchs control the political and economic lifeline of the entire Russia,Is a truly rich and enemy country,The silver in hand is naturally countless。
Financial tycoons who have been watching from the sidelines,After receiving Qiao Tianyu’s call,Nothing,Immediately agreed to Qiao Tianyu’s loan request,Contribute all funds,And don’t need any mortgage。
Because in this world,Nothing“Qiao Tianyu”These three words are more valuable mortgage。
Under Li De’s active coordination,The Fed is under tight U.S. dollar cash,Agree to discount5000One hundred million U.S. dollars。
Twenty minutes passed without knowing it,Qiao Tianyu just put down Andre’s call,Wang Mingkai ran over in sweat。
“Mingkai,how about it,How much funds do central banks agree to borrow?”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“Hey.”Wang Mingkai shook his head helplessly。
“Now other countries have rejected requests for borrowing funds on the grounds of tight foreign exchange reserves.!Only Pakistan,Took out all150Billion dollar cash reserve。”
“Already a lot!Embarrass them!”Qiao Tianyu shook his head and said。
“But the teacher,The major domestic commercial banks、U.S. dollar cash settlement of financial institutions and central enterprises,Has successively entered the market through Huaxia Bank accounts,2100Billion!Still left.”