Xia Jian smiled and said:“An accident in Xiping Village,I’m nervous,No time to do this。But through this incident,Sounded the alarm for our breeding work,It seems that some links still need to be perfected“

“Correct!Lessons learned。Oh!You have to pay attention to this matter in the tourist area of Pingyang Town,There is not a cent for you in the market,What do you want?Is there a preliminary plan??“Chen Jiang speaks a turn,Suddenly asked about this。
Xia Jian actually thought of it a long time ago,Chen Jiang must be a drunkard who does not want to drink,Talk about the farm,Just want to transition,I’m waiting for him right here。
“Oh!We have to meet to study this matter,But this is a big project,So more capital needs to be injected。Of course,Petty funds,We don’t approve of individual participation,Must participate in the company’s name,The amount of equity participation cannot be less than 500,000“Xia Jian said his thoughts。
Chen Jiang smiled and said:“You do,It keeps a considerable part of investors out of the door。I think it’s a bit unreasonable。Personal investment is also investment,Why must the company invest??“
“The purpose of this is to facilitate management“Xia Jian smiled and said。
His voice just fell,Qin Xiaomin walked in with a document in his hand,He smiled at Chen Jiang and said:“Mayor Chen!Here is a document that you need to sign and approve“
“Damn!Just let the secretary bring such small things,And let you do it yourself“Chen Jiang stood up with a smile。
Xia Jianjima understood Qin Xiaomin’s intentions,He quickly stood up and said:“Mayor Chen!You guys busy,I have to go back“Xia Jian left outside after talking。
“Mayor Xia is really a workaholic,After getting off the plane, I ran back to Pingdu,I didn’t eat lunch and ran to us“Qin Xiaomin said,Secretly glanced at Chen Jiang’s face。
Xia Jianyi came over,Qin Xiaomin can’t sit still,She was afraid that Xia Jian and Chen Jiang would quarrel again。So I found a problem that was not a problem,Came in quickly。
Chen Jiang is not a fool,Naturally understand Qin Xiaomin’s intention。After he signed the document,He smiled and said to Qin Xiaomin:“Mayor Qin!This guy is a bison,Hold the rein in your hand,Don’t let go,Otherwise this person will cause you trouble”
“Ha ha!I know,I’m leaving“Qin Xiaomin said,So I picked up the folder and left。
Chen Jiang suddenly asked again:“Mayor Qin!Your job transfer,Your mother didn’t trouble you anymore?“
“Didn’t find it,I have already said,I will not leave Pingdu in three to five years“Qin Xiaomin finished,Just walk away。Chen Jiang looked at Qin Xiaomin’s back,I feel really uncomfortable。
Xia Jian, who was drinking tea, saw that Qin Xiaomin was back,He immediately stood up and said:“I should be going,Or Mayor Chen troubles me again“
“Alright!What do you want so much。Hurry up to where your classmate,Let her cook some dishes,Let’s have a potluck together tonight,I’ll take care of you“Qin Xiaomin said,Smile happily。
Xia Jian originally wanted to go back to Xiping Village in a hurry,But Qin Xiaomin said,He can’t go again。So he laughed and said:“Row!Then I’ll call you the front stop“