Wang Youcai smiled and said:“Finished,I have to wait for Doctor Lu to come back,Get me some more”Wang Youcai’s announcement just fell,His phone rang。

Wang Youcai took it out and took a look,Takeo called during the call.,Wang Youcai quickly connected。Wu Wu’s joyous voice came on the phone:“Wang Ge!We watched all the Chinese and Western medicines shipped。Dr. Lu and I have train tickets tonight,The day after tomorrow”
“it is good!This thing is beautiful。I will go back to Chenzhuang this afternoon,Wait until the medicine arrives,I’ll rush over。We officially opened on the eighteenth of the twelfth lunar month,Tell Doctor Lu about this”Wang Youcai finished,So he hung up the phone。
Listen to the Julan on the side,Happier than Wang Youcai。Julan is more like this,Wang Youcai’s heart is more stressed。Because he didn’t make any promises to Julan at all。This woman seems to be betting on him for the rest of her life,What about Yao Chunni??
“The size of your clinic,In our ordinary city,Should be the biggest。So you have to invite some famous celebrities in the city when opening,Come to enlarge the scene”Julan said with a smile。
Wang Youcai nodded and said:“you’re right,When I go back to Chenzhuang to be free,I will pull out a list,See who should post invitations”
Julan is happier as she talks,Finally, under Wang Youcai’s repeated urging,She went back to her place a little bit reluctant。Although Wang Youcai is a rough man,But he knows more than less。His clinic will open soon,He doesn’t want to do anything messy。
At five o’clock in the afternoon,All the work in the store is completed。Under Wang Youcai’s supervision, they cleaned the store’s hygiene。Wang Youcai settled the balance for these people,Everyone waved goodbye in laughter。
Wang Youcai felt instantly,It feels good to be rich。Because anyway,He is a small boss now。
Locked the store door,He went back to where he lived。I pressed the key of the clinic under Dr. Lu’s pillow。Then he only locked each room。
Because when Doctor Lu left,He has the keys to all the rooms。Lock the door,Jump on the broken jeep on the side of the road,Went crazy all the way to Chenzhuang。
Days are short in winter,Only the sun goes down,Black is black。When Wang Youcai drove his car to Baishui Town,,It’s half past six。Every household in the town,Lights up。
Wang Youcai dare not stay,Drove back to Chenzhuang quickly。Liu Ying saw that Wang Youcai was back,There is also a slight smile on his face。
“what’s the situation?”Wang Youcai asked,While walking towards his office。
Liu Ying suddenly sneered:“You will know what is going on”Liu Ying’s words,Make Wang Youcai a little bit baffled。Take a look!What to watch?