Even if Wang Teng’s heart is deep,This idea is getting stronger。

But in Wang Teng’s view,Actually start now,It is still necessary,You need to handle this matter properly。
And looking at it all,The more so,At this moment,Wang Teng’s performance is very direct。
“Interesting,But now,These are actually not the point of the problem。”
“What we are now,Hurry up and investigate this in advance!”
Wang Teng feels,Someone must be investigating these secretly。
But Wang Teng felt,These things,Actually, don’t worry so much for now。
“Forget it,Actually continue to struggle now,It doesn’t help。”
“Then start now,I think,We can start with this!”
When Wang Teng subconsciously swept towards his eyes,The more so,Actually here,Wang Teng’s heart,The more I think, the more I feel,This kind of thing is pretty good。
slowly,Watching these,At this moment,In front of Wang Teng,Everyone in front of them nodded。
“All right,Actually now,I think i should do the best,Is to try these games。”
Wang Teng feels,In case here,Got a reward?
So looking at these,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,You can try it。
“But now,For the time being, let’s not worry about these problems!”
in fact,Looks at Wang Teng,These things,It’s almost the same。