China Nuclear Group Nuclear Northern Exhibition Hall

my country’s first nuclear Fuel Components Factory-Zhongnian Nuclear Fuel Components Co., Ltd. is located in Qingshan District, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It was founded in 1958. It has made an important contribution to the successful development of "two bouss" in my country. It is identified as a nuclear industry. The first batch of industrial cultural heritage. The Nuclear Northern Northern is not only the first factory mine in my country, but also the current main, technical route production scientific research base in China. The history of more than 60 years in the Northern Nuclear Northern my country is a surge in the development of the development of the cause of nuclear fuel components in China. It has witnessed that my country’s approval industry has not yet, from weak to strong independent innovation history. As the Party’s Partial Education Base of the Nuclear Group, the Chinese nuclear North Exhibition Hall is located in the Northern Northern Factory Area. It is an important carrier in the history of China’s development history. Education base and national nuclear science education base.

There are two floors in the Northern Exhibition Hall, with a total construction area of ??about 2,000 square meters, and the total exhibition is nearly 1500 square meters. It has nuclear industry flow charts, industrial development, three spirits, historical contributions and independent innovation products, nuclear power components. More than 20 exhibition areas such as nuclear technology applications, honor show, and nuclear science exhibition areas. The content of the historical objects, old photos, and enterprises in the first floor of the exhibition hall, and the development of the creation of China Nuclear North and the development of the construction period.

In particular, the three excellent traditions of "Warehouse Spirit, One Care", Potato Meetings ", telling the first-generation nuclear industry hidden surname, independent innovation, hunger, strive, my country," two bouss, one boat "" For the country, the touching story and great feat of the party; the exhibits on the second floor have fully demonstrated the strength of the current nuclear fuel components in my country. In it, you can feel the development history of the China Nuclear Industry, the initial mission and the new era of nuclear industry reform and development.