Women have a good stomach and youth before 35

Women have a good stomach and youth before 35

Guide: Can a person be healthy and less ill?


In fact, many diseases of people are caused by long-term accumulation of bad stomach.

Therefore, conditioning the stomach, especially the stomach, is the key point to make us healthy and longevity.

  Do you also think that if you are old and old, you will get sick?

If you get sick a long time, you will die naturally?

  The “stomach” is an important organ for the human body to digest and absorb food, and it is also the birthplace of human energy. The so-called: people are based on stomach qi and internal injuries to the spleen and stomach.

  Stomach nourishing step 1: Breakfast is to be warm. “Many people like to have laxatives in cold water or drink a glass of vegetable juice in the morning, saying that they can absorb the nutrients of vegetables and remove waste from the body.

  But eating and drinking cold food in the morning leads to more contraction of various systems in the body and blood flow is not smooth, so the first food in the morning should be warm food.

  After an entire night, the stomach will try its best to digest our supplementary food after waking up, so breakfast is not only to eat well, but also to eat at the right time.

  Basically, breakfast time should be 30 minutes after getting up and add grain staple foods, such as: hot porridge, hot oatmeal, hot soy milk, with a small amount of vegetables, bread and fruits, but it should not be fishy.

  Keep in mind: If you do n’t eat breakfast or if the quality of breakfast is not good, you will lose your energy, look poor, and even cause insufficient blood in your stomach.

  Stomach nourishing step 2: Chewing slowly and pharynx is more nutritious than food. The stomach is the ground food and preliminary digestive organs. Therefore, food stays in the stomach for a certain period of time. It is digested by the peristalsis of the stomach and the gastric juice.Converted into small particles.

  Small particles of food break down into small molecules that pass through the digestive tract mucosa and enter the blood, and other large molecules can only be turned into feces and excreted.

  Please try to imagine: if the nutrients entering the metabolism are liquid or paste-like fine particles, can’t they be quickly digested and absorbed?

This is why chewing slowly and swallowing is more nourishing than food.

  Stomach nourishing step 3: Women must raise their stomachs before the age of 35. After the age of 35, women will become significantly older and their skin will not be as moist as adolescents.That is, the function of the stomach meridian begins to decline, which will naturally lead to the appearance of aging.

  Premature aging can only be prevented by maintaining the Yangming Meridian-often knocking the Weijing at a young age.

  From under the collarbone, through the breasts, through the abdomen, to the front of the lower limbs, knock all the way to the toes, that is, the line from the outside of the tibia of the calf to the second toe.

  Starting from the Zusanli acupoint, the painful place is the acupuncture point, which needs to be knocked harder; because the highest instep is also knocked.