What is the pharmacological effect of sophora

What is the pharmacological effect of sophora

1. Anti-inflammatory effect: The rutin contained in this product of rat ip has a significant inhibitory effect on the inflammatory process of implanted wool balls.

  2. Vitamin P-like effect: Rutin has the ability to maintain vascular resistance.

Reduce its permeability, reduce brittleness and other effects, it has a fat-removing effect on the slightly infiltrated liver, and the fat-removing effect combined with glutathione synthesis is more obvious.

  3. Antiviral effect: When the concentration is 200ug / ml, it has the largest inhibitory effect on vesicular stomatitis virus.

  4. Inhibition of aldose reductase effect: Rutin inhibits repetition 95% at a concentration of 10-5mol / L.

This effect is beneficial for the treatment of diabetic cataract.

  5, expectorant, cough and other effects: Quercetin contained in this product has a certain asthma effect.

In addition, it can reduce blood pressure, enhance capillary resistance, reduce capillary fragility, lower blood lipids, expand coronary arteries, and increase coronary blood flow.

  Minimal identification ① The pollen grains are spherical or tiny triangles, spherical or short triangles in diameter, 14-22 μm in diameter, with 3 germination holes.

  ② Non-glandular hair l-6 cells, 64-709 μm in length, 7-23 μm in diameter, 9 μm in wall thickness, with irregular keratinous threads and visible small wart-like components.

  ③ Polygonal surface of ovum epidermal cells, non-glandular hairs and hair replacement marks can be seen; stomatal indefinite, 4-8 auxiliary guard cells.

In addition, corolla epidermal cells, pollen sac inner wall cells, and calcium oxalate cubes can be seen.

  Physical and chemical identification take this product 0.

2g, add 5ml of ethanol, warm the water bath for 5min, and filter.

Take 2ml, add magnesium powder, add and mix, add a few drops of hydrochloric acid, that is, cherry red.

(Check flavonoids)