Ting Zhang: Daydream’s works will accelerate bankruptcy

Ting Zhang: Daydream’s works will accelerate bankruptcy | Interview with Chinese director Zhan Shi
Director Zhang Ting’s masterpiece: TV series “Da Ming Feng Hua” in 2019, “Meng Fu at Sea” 2012 / screenwriter (including co-writer), movie “Taoist Down the Mountain”, “July of the Car Driver”, “Mulan”, etc.Police Li “Liquor Bottle”, “Lu Liang Heroes”, “Dark Incense” and other new works: the preparation of the TV series “Long River under the World” starring Tang Wei and Zhu Yawen on the day of the ending of “Daming Fenghua” (January 23, 2020), Fengcheng, Wuhan.The director and screenwriter Zhang Ting had not had time to review the pros and cons of the play, so he had to live a segregated life at home.If you don’t consider the harassment caused by the epidemic, this period of “quietness” is quite desirable when Zhang Ting is busy filming: you can read books and practice words without time every day. There is a phone call every day, and you don’t have to worry about being reminded.Zhang Ting has been thinking about how to make the story of the epidemic film and television, but believes that the current record will be more powerful than the drama.In the past, I wanted to be quiet but I was afraid of it. Now I have a phone call. Zhang Ting used “quiet” to describe life during the epidemic.”As a professional writer, I most hope for quietness. I am also most afraid of quietness and fear of losing contact with the world, so I am always in a tangled state.”For example, after seeing a few dials in the afternoon, the guests said too much, and the anger was dissipated. When writing at night, the quality could not be improved, but nobody wanted to see anyone, and they were also panicked.Now you can quietly watch the world stop.It ‘s rare to have a phone call a day, and you do n’t have to meet anyone for a meeting. In addition to reading and writing, you just wear a mask and walk out.”During the epidemic, Zhang Ting’s seasonal rhythm became very regular. Except for eight hours of sleep and one hour of eating, the rest of the time was reading and writing brushstrokes.Sometimes I write words for seventy-five hours, and sometimes I do n’t write for a few days.”When I was filming in the past, I was out in the wind and sun. I came back for follow-up. I left early in the morning and returned late at night. I always wanted to stay at home. I didn’t have time to read books conceptually and write in writing.That’s how it happened this month.”Ting, Zhang Ting read too much, mainly in the history category, including Tolkien’s” The Legend of Nakasu “,” The Great Golden Dynasty “written by Mao Dun Literature Award author Xiong Zhaozheng, Zhang Hongfu’s” Yuan Shikai “, Zhang Hongjie’s” JianReading Chinese History “, Han Qi’s” Tong Tian Zhi Xue “,” Qing Shi Manu “,” Qing Shi Lu “, and water conservancy books such as” History of the Yellow River “and” Drawings of River Engineering Tools in the Qing Dynasty “.This has something to do with the focus of his next work-the discovery of Kangxi’s historical drama “Long River under the World”.Writing brushstrokes, Zhang Ting specializes in Wang Xizhi’s “Huang Ting Jing”.”Before writing about the European style, I was too focused on beautiful fonts. The style of the ‘Two Kings’ was simple and restrained.写了几个月才发现,《黄庭经》的结字并不难,难的是笔画质量,《黄庭经》的笔画在收尾处多用隶书的’圆尾’,写惯了唐楷的人,很难adapt.”Ting Ting’s calligraphy can be regarded as a family source.His father, Zhang Yefa, was a calligrapher, an excellent cursive script, and Zhang Ting liked regular script.”Practicing calligraphy from an early age is all about old masters. Probably I haven’t escaped. I am imitated and the older the smell is.”During Zhang Ting’s calligraphy epidemic, he also watched too many movies,” I can’t say for a while, but the overall feeling is that the movies in these two years are getting worse and worse, and they have been disturbed by Marvel.”Ting Ting explained that Marvel is not to blame, or because Marvel movies have a good box office, leading to the social resources and creative power of the American film industry being attracted. One type is too strong, and the others will be relatively weak.”This year’s Oscars (winning works) are average.Martin Scorsese’s “The Irish” and Quentin Tarantino’s “Hollywood” are terrible.”After the epidemic, daydreaming will definitely go bankrupt and cause serious worries that the epidemic will distort the film and television industry. Zhang Ting sees its pros and cons intertwined.On the bad side, the amount of capital invested in the film and television industry will shrink, and the popularity of the entire industry, its influence on society, and even the degree of topic will decline.”This industry is now more and more exaggerated in production, more and more vicious in comments, and even watching the masses have a carnival impulse to destroy works collectively.In fact, in the past two years, there have been few scenes that have not been scolded.Zhang Ting bluntly said that at this level, the film and television industry will have a hard time in the future.But on the good side, the epidemic has accelerated the severe bankruptcy of the film and television creation “Daydream” and the return to the drama.In the past few years, capital has entered the film and television industry, and IP is prevalent.”There are IPs everywhere, and there are also male frequency and female frequency. The commonly used sentence for male frequency is ‘I can’t help but the sky’, and the common word for female frequency is ‘overbearing president falling in love with me’.Now that the epidemic has calmed everyone down, the overbearing president is not as real as a mask.Daydreaming will actually go bankrupt, but now it has only accelerated.”Ting Ting observes the changing tastes of the audience-the popular dramas in 2019 such as” You’re You “talk about the problem of school violence, and” All Good “talk about the problem of elderly support, all of which are the problems of life expressed in the film and television.”Even in historical dramas, the audience is no longer an objective outsider, keen to bring in empathy with the character.”In the future, arrogant and exaggerated works will become a minority.”The ancient Chinese warriors interpret the proud Chinese dramas from life, and real life is often more exciting than dramas.Many of the extreme stories that occurred during this epidemic are dramatic and twisty in their own right, and there are already many related film and television works on the road.Zhang Ting has also been thinking about the film and television issue of the story during the epidemic, but his spots are “difficult”. It is difficult that the epidemic has not passed, and his creation needs to be precipitated. Those touching and sad scenes must be more than him.Well shot.”A disaster only has the richest psychological state and the most varied before and after it occurs.”It’s really in a big historical vortex, with the choice of life and death. In fact, the thinking is simple, and it is not suitable for theatrical presentation. The documentary will be more touching and substitute for strength.Zhang Ting said.Regardless of commercial considerations, Zhang Ting’s most wanted film is a warrior costume costume.”Like the Ranger in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States period, life is unrestrained, and there is no need to fly around so exaggeratedly. It has the courage to travel all over the world, and the promise of courage.I want to make a good movie and make proud Chinese people.”But this is just an idea. Zhang Ting’s current work, besides reading and writing, is to complete the creation of the first eight episodes of the TV series” Our New Era “, to write a demolition elite, a coexistence with the bombMen’s mental journey.The focus of his work this year is to revise the script he created, “The Long River in the World”. This is a historical drama about Kangxi’s governance of the river during his years. “I hope I can shoot it this year.”[Inspiration]The work stopped by the epidemic has given Zhang Ting a lot of time to review the whole process of the drama “Daming Fenghua”, where to win, where to lose, and to sum up experience and lessons.”Manpower is sometimes poor” is a truth.”I don’t know how good others are.It is not only a question of ability, but also includes the creator’s personality, preferences, views on the world, attitudes towards life, etc. These are not replicable.Therefore, the creator’s hard work for the rest of his life is to overcome himself, revise himself, and improve himself.Do your best and do your next work well.”Tolkien is still very stubborn to build his Middle-earth world. This is the first time I have read the most fancy novels imitating Greek mythology. Some chapters are deliberately obscure and difficult to read, and some fragments letPeople are unforgettable.What impressed me most was that there was a hero inside, imprisoned by the god of fate. The punishment of the god of fate was for him to sit on the throne of the god and look at the life of his own son from a bystander’s perspective.His son was also a great hero, vigorous and violent, and finally failed and died.The father shed tears all his life on the throne.With the pen’s wonder, chase the Greek sages.-Ting Zhang talks about the recent reading of Tolkien’s “The Unfinished Legend of Numenor and Nakasu” (published by Shanghai People’s Publishing House) sauna, night net Yang Lianjie editor Tong Na proofreading Li Ming for more exclusive interviews see the topic: The Chinese Director’s WarInterview series