This time Xiao Fan left the company behind,Take Erlin Yoona out on vacation,So he can be said to be more bored than Lin Yoona。

Turning her face to give Lin Yoona a sorry smile,After making Lin Yoona feel at ease,Xiao Fan just turned his head,Then he looked directly at Cheng Linmu again。
only,This time I turned my face to face Cheng Linmu’s face, but his face was not the same gentle expression as Lin Yoona.,At this moment,Xiao Fan that Lin Yuner can’t see,His expression is extremely cold。
For those who disturb his mood and destroy Lin Yoona’s mood,Xiao Fan has never had a good face。
Xiao Fan’s extremely cold expression,It directly caused Cheng Linmu’s whole body to shiver involuntarily。
The truth,Originally, Cheng Linmu still planned to come and beg Xiao Fan again,but,When he saw Xiao Fan’s extremely cold expression,As a man of seven feet,Even the courage to speak,All gone。
to be frank,This is called Cheng Linmu. It is more or less unacceptable.。
He grows up,Finally I know what is afraid,And this fear did not stem from the beating and shock of others,Even the language threat。
He just because the other person looked at him,He was immediately terrified。
He regrets,He regretted why he didn’t follow Dad Cheng Jianghai’s advice,Why do I have to make Xiao Fan upset?,And continue to appear in front of him,Boring。
and,Even if you want to come,Then just come by yourself,Why did I bring Murong Yating’s stinky woman who didn’t even put the door on her mouth?。
only,In this world,Where can I sell regret medicine?!
Chapter six hundred and forty three Dangerous breath
It doesn’t matter if Cheng Mulin regrets it now,Now all the errors have been caused,He can’t save it。
He wants to escape now,but,He doesn’t even have the courage to speak,Ask,Where did he get the courage to escape??
so,When facing Xiao Fan’s extremely cold eyes,In addition to facing,There is no other feasible method。
“Don’t show up in front of me again,Do you understand?”Xiao Fan said coldly to Cheng Mulin。
“know.Got it!”Cheng Linmu said tremblingly。