of course,The premise is that your majesty will be the first to buy thisMD-12And build it into a luxurious air palace,And I believe this plane must be very expensive,Although Rahman didn’t know how much money such a plane would cost,But at least 200 million dollars,It’s just“Bare metal”the price of,After buying the plane,Also invite the top international designers、Design interiors and decorations for the esteemed His Majesty the King with the best materials,This is another big sum of money,but“The first king to own the world’s largest sky palace”’S name,Rahman is not ready to let out,This title can only belong to the respected Majesty Bolkiah。

“I need to ask your majesty for instructions。”finally,Rahman said to Little MacDonald。
“of course。”Little Macdonald nodded with an understanding。
Rahman is gone,Little MacDonald, who has been trying to suppress his excitement, waved his fists excitedly:“yes!Yes!”
He is excited,Pitiful,Don’t look at McDonnell’s already got so manyMD-12of“intention order”,However, most of these intentional orders cannot be converted into actual orders.,belong“Helping a friend”The nature of,There are not many real orders。
But now,After listening to Chen Geng’s advice,I just came to these wealthy people except oil、Where there is nothing else to sell,I didn’t expect the first stop to be so smooth,Brunei’s royal family chief was heartbroken,From Rahman’s glowing eyes,Little MacDonald knows,The hope of this business is greatly increased!
Excited,Little MacDonald held Chen Geng’s hand,Grateful:“Dude,thank you,Really,thank you very much,You helped me a lot。”
“you are welcome,You forgot me tooMD-12Project shareholder?”Chen Geng smiled:“I am also helping myself。”
“Yes Yes,”Little MacDonald nodded repeatedly,But he is still very excited,Endure,He still couldn’t help it,Ask Chen Geng:“Dude,What do you think is the probability?”
“According to Rahman’s reaction,At least 40%,”Chen Geng thought for a while,Gives a conservative number:“If we can invite Rahman to inspect our full-scale model while we are away,This possibility can probably be increased to5reach to5.5to make。”
“That is close to 60%?Yes!awesome!”Little MacDonald was excited and excited like a child,He hasn’t been so excited for a long time:“I just don’t know if Rahman will learn about us from Mehdi after he returns.MD-12Case。”
“that’s for sure,”Chen Geng said without hesitation:“Except Mehdi,Who else can Rahman find??”
Mahdi is the general manager of Royal Brunei Airlines,It can be said that Mahdi is the person in Brunei who understands the development of the world’s civil aviation industry best,Want to understandMD-12Case,Mehdi is the best candidate。