Looking at Yang Tie Yanyi,Li Hui also knows that this investment is still wrong or wrong.。

But he already has its own plan.,Since you want to come back to develop rural,Develop hometown,That is going to develop well,All-round development。
Yang Tie with Zhang Duo and returned to that small house.,Both people are full of excitement。
Especially in the price of the price, Li Hui Feng Bank card balance is really more than 20 million.,Yang Tie felt his chance.。
“Small sheet,Hurry to contact several times before,I said that we have money now.,And there is investment,If the work is not going well, you can come back.,Don’t want to come back, don’t be too reluctant.,After all, people have a message.。”
Although Yang Tie said,But Zhang Duo knows that Yang Tie is still hope that those people come back.。
After all, they are all teams.。
“Row,I am calling it.。”
“Um,Go back,Be sure to euphemist,Don’t play the feelings,Although the feelings are sometimes the most used,But it is the most precious in me.。”
“knew,I will not。”
Zhang Duo said, start holding a mobile phone one by one.。
For more than an hour,Zhang Duo only finished。
Yang Tie is looking forward to watching a lot of,road:“How about it?
Are they willing to come back??”
“Um,There are a few are willing to come back.,However, most of them are not willing to come back.,After all, our live conditions here are also known.,Everything is not very developed,Once you are used to big cities,Life in such a place will definitely feel wronged。”
Zhang Duo said so,I know my heart,Those people are not willing to come back,I am afraid more because I can’t see anything in Yang Tie.,But the personal charm of Yang Tie is very strong.,Because the other party is a selfless dedication to anyone。
It is because,Many people are tibia Yang Tie called a teacher.,A master,Because they have learned, Yang Tie teaches.。
Yang Tie So listened to Zhang a lot of words,Then I took out the box from the pocket. I have pumped two days of Hadmen.,I took a portrayal and gently sucked a bite.。
“alright,Don’t want to come back, we can’t barely,Many things I feel that the boss said.,We are indeed not suitable for business,I am preparing to come back later.,We are mainly engaged in design,Technique,As long as these things are in our hands,Then we are heart,As for the business, I am ready to give you to do it.。”
Zhang Duo Yang Tie’s words are invincible。
“Old teacher,Don’t you also develop it with you??
Why do you want me to do what?。”
“Because I believe you.,Your kid brain,It should also practice alone.,And there is a general manager,I am also assured,As for technology, as long as there is new technologies, I will teach you.。”
Yang Tie said this,I will continue to study.。
Before the previous failure,He has begun to summarize a lot of experience.。
Although it is a failure experience,However, these experiences are extremely important for him.。
Just when Yang Tie be busy,Li Hui Feng is also planning to plan。
night,Huashan City’s villa in the outside of Huaqing School,Running the sound again。
This last time is longer than the past.,The soul of the sound listening to the soul of Lincheng went to swim。
He hasn’t been so excited for a long time.,Excited, he wants to hate the people in front of him.。
Sun Yaru was wrinkled directly by the rude means of Lincheng.,But but still to be put into a quarter-free look。
After the wind is heavy rain, it is a short tranquility.。
“Your extraction process has been,Let’s start tomorrow.,Everything comes in accordance with our plan,Don’t think you can escape my control,I also have eyeliner in Lotus Village.。”
Chapter 410 Please eat a big meal
Sun Yawu heard this, he couldn’t help it.。
She thought she left Lincheng.,It will be free.,I even want to take 500,000 to go back to buy a house.,Then find a place to work with a place。
But now she seems to be some of them too much. Of course.。
“Um,I will start tomorrow.,I will not let you down.。”
“Hey-hey,This time I went to another task.,That is, more than just getting close to Li Hui,Close to this woman,Her name is Qin Su Ya,Work hard to get her trust,It is best to convince each other to come here.”Lincheng found a side of Qin Su Ya from the mobile phone.。
Although it is just a side,But the beauty of the beauty is that Sun Yaru feels more than her.。