The active effect of steady foreign trade continues to show the growth of the import and export in June (new data new points)

Original title: In June, import and export realized dual growth (new data new points) Customs Directive issued data released on July 14, my country’s goods trade export, import implementation, the first double-double rapid growth in the year, steady foreign trade positive effects continue to appear .

Among them, my country’s exports have been achieved for three consecutive months, and the monthly growth in June; the import of imports in June is positive, growth%.

  "In the first half of this year, my country’s overturbed prevention and control and economic and social development, solidly do the ‘six stable’ work, and fully implement the ‘six guaranteed’ mission, helping foreign trade enterprises to overcome the influence of the epidemic, and foreign trade import and export better than expected.

Li Kui, the General Administration of Customs, Director of Statistical Analysis, said in the National New Press Conference on July 14. How to look at the exports in June, the imports increased by the import,%, double-double realization? – "%% After the back of%, it is a series of policy measures to root root, providing strong support for stabilizing foreign trade. Recently, Qingdao Annex Industrial Co., Ltd. applied to the Qingdao Customs to the Qingdao Customs Certificate to be trial. However, less than 1 hour, I received a receipt of the customs trial completed.

"The certificate trial is really too fast!" The company’s salesman Lai Qing said happily. After the trial accelerates, the company can send the certificate early, and Korean customers can enjoy tariff reduction in this certificate, "this greatly improved The company’s competitiveness in the Korean market.

"In response to the impact of the epidemic, my country has introduced a series of stable foreign trade policy measures. All departments have further deepen the" ventilation suits "reform, simplify customs clearance, optimize operational processes, and fully promote" two-step declaration "," green channel " ", Exemption, etc.

In June, the overall customs clearance time of the export of exports was hours and hours, respectively, compressed% and% more than 2017. – "%,%" behind, is the rapid development of new agents, and the new movement of stabilized foreign trade is stronger.

  On July 1st, 550 bathroom basin contracted by the Rookie Network Technology Co., Ltd. passed Shenzhen Customs "cross-border e-commerce enterprises to quickly customs clearance, sending to Indonesia, goods from declaration of only 10 minute. "The new model is all over online, saving customs clearance time, reducing logistics costs!" Zhao Jian, general manager of rookie international supply chain.

  A few days ago, the General Administration of Customs conducted a pilot in Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen, and opened a new model of cross-border e-commerce B2B in scale "selling global". After using new mode, companies can enjoy a registration, a point docking, simplifying declaration, priority, allowing customs clearance, etc.

Small and medium-sized micro enterprises have low value for goods, they can choose more convenient clearance channels. As of 7 July, 10 pilot customs extends cross-border e-commerce B2B export declaration form and declared list of 10,000 votes, and the goods value billion yuan. The Directive Data Data According to the first half of the year, my country’s general trade import and export is improved, and the structure of trade mode continues to optimize; the import and export of China and the West is growing, and the domestic area layout is more balanced; an epidemic prevention materials, "house economy" exports are rapid, mechanical and electrical products And the degradation of labor-intensive products is lower than the overall decline; the importance of major commodities and key agricultural products increase.

As a new type of trade, cross-border e-commerce has played an important role in responding to the epidemic impact of the foreign trade enterprises with its short-term advantages of its online trading, non-contact delivery and trading chain.

According to customs statistics, this year, the import and export of cross-border e-commerce supervision platform in the first half of this year, wherein the export growth is%, and the import growth%. – "%,%" behind, is the diversified trend of the trade market, and the road to foreign trade development is getting wider. Near noon, Hebei Shijiazhuang Comprehensive Bonded Area is high in the sun, and a vehicle-carrying car is not allowed.

Since May 1st Shijiazhuang Luang Supply Chain Co., Ltd., since July 1st, as of July 1, the company has declared 183 tickets in China. "In the case of empty, sea transportation is limited by the epidemic, mainly to" all the way "along the national and regional markets in the country and the low-cost advantages are favored." The relevant person in charge of the company said. In the first half of the year, my country’s import and export of trillion yuan in the ASEAN, an increase in 100 members, and ASEAN became the first major trading partner in my country; my country’s import and export of foreign countries and regions along the country and region, slightly lower than the overall low percentage The proportion reached%, enhances a percentage point than last year. "The current epidemic is still spread globally. The import and export situation in the second half is still relatively serious. But it is also necessary to see that my country’s foreign trade develops toughness, and the returning room is large. With the continuous release of a series of stable foreign trade policy measures, we have confidence Subject to foreign trade fundamentals, strive to achieve import and export to promote rapid improvement. "Li Kuiwen said.

  "People’s Daily" (July 15, 2020) (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing).