Chen Xu: Students’ comprehensive quality development is getting more and more attention

Beijing Chen Xushen Middle School Teacher Chen Xu People’s Network Beijing On August 27 (Reporter Sun Boyang Intern Zhang Jin) On the 27th, "consumption insight" column, focused "child, which is jointly planned by the People’s Network Consumer Channel and China Consumer Association, and" Children Summer life and education consumption phenomenon.

In 2018, the teacher’s morality style representative, Beijing Chen Xusong Middle School Teacher Chen Xu is visible to visit, with the growth of the child, in the high-grade students, the summer education has been transformed into the needs of the students themselves and choose.

Chen Xu said that the holiday is becoming a lot of ginsets that have led and missing the missing, they conduct various forms of learning and improvement in their own weaknesses.

"Students have worked hard, parents have been happy, definitely in economic, life will be fully supported." She said that in addition to paying attention to learning results, parents pay more attention to the development of children’s society, and pay more attention to cultivating children’s society Responsibility, open up the eyes of the child, support children to participate in various public welfare projects, and exchange in foreign friends. Talking about the cultivation of interest, Chen Xu believes that parents should fully respect the children’s choices. "Parents should guide children correctly, let children experience the fun behind interest, feel the strength and charm of music, art, study, and knowledge.

"She said that when the interest is really a part of life, the child is no longer just passive recipients. Only this will truly feel happiness and happiness. (Editor: Liu Qing, Li Dong) sharing Many people see.