Clarifying business borders public fund broadcast welcoming comprehensive norms

  Developing active fund live broadcast reception ushered in the standard recommendation. China Securities Investment Fund Association (hereinafter referred to as "Sino-Kiki Association") recently released the Assembly of Public Pursuit Funding Business Symposium (hereinafter referred to as "Ji Shui"), from Fund Live Form, Red Packet Distributive, Compliance Control and Investor appropriateness management, etc. On the live form, "Minute" requires that the fund manager should hold a professional bottom line when carrying out a live broadcast business, live content is an investor education or brand propaganda, but it is possible to choose a relatively easy and lively form, but it is not appropriate to entertain, and must not be with the country. Relevant spirit, social public order, the publicity of the public; the live content involves the promotion of fund product promotion, should pay attention to the professionalism of the fund industry, strictly abide by the promotion related laws and regulations. For the live broadcast, the behavior of cash red envelope, physical and lottery, etc., "Minute" pointed out that the distribution of red envelopes should be mixed with the sales activities such as investor education. The value of red envelope should be appropriate. There is no need to induce, stimulate the fund sales or insurance, etc. Oriented for transaction full reduction deduction, cost deductible or specify its hook with a single fund product. In addition, the Chinese Kiki Association also emphasizes that the live broadcast platform should turn off the red envelope when live broadcasting, and live communicators must not receive the red envelope. In terms of investor appropriateness management, "minute" requirements, live in the live broadcast process, strictly perform the appropriate management responsibility of investors, strengthen relevant risk tips, such as "invoiced investors to choose the risk tolerance, investment objectives Product "and so on, in the screen, the entire disclosure of the company’s risk rating and the appropriate investor range. Finally, on the issue of compliance internal control related issues, the Chinese Kiki Association’s actual level put forward six o’clock recommendations, including clarifying rights obligations, live content review supervision mechanism, live personnel qualification, fund performance display, live content stream transduction control and Live video archive period, etc.