A week in the home furnishing industry│IKEA speaks about the video incident, NǒME denies the withdrawal of the store

A week in the home furnishing industry│IKEA speaks about the “video incident”, NǒME denies the withdrawal of the store
This week, the home furnishing company keeps moving.Among them, Red Star Macalline announced bids during the May Day, “Net Red” home brand NǒME denied withdrawal from Ningbo, IKEA issued a statement on the suspected “market indecent video incident” and so on.During May 1st, Red Star Macalline National Mall had such a super 87.06 billion May 7th, Sauna, Yewang learned from Red Star Macalline that during the May Day, Red Star Macalline nationwide shopping malls exceeded 87.6.0 billion, with 29 consumers.50000.According to the introduction of Red Star Macalline, during the Fifth National Day Promotion, Red Star Macalline realized 92,306 receipts and converted sales through community interaction, and related sales14.5.8 billion yuan.In addition, the “National Marketing Group Daren” brought over 1.16 million precision users to Red Star Macalline, which was 2 of the same period last year.8 times; gradually bring more than 250,000 participants, with a total of 580,000 coupons received, 17 times the same period last year.In terms of live broadcasting, during the May 1st, Red Star Macalline gradually broadcast 461 games across the country, with 9.73 million views and 50,939 orders converted.Juran Decoration signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the National Inspection Group. On May 7, Sauna and Yewang learned from Juran’s home that in order to standardize the access standards for environmentally friendly accessories, Juran’s self-operated decoration company actually decorated with China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group.Strategic cooperation agreement to establish a sampling inspection system for decorative accessories. The National Inspection Group randomly inspects supermarket accessories at random 2-3 times a year to control the environmental protection indicators of building materials from the source.”Net Red” home brand NǒME denies that it will withdraw from Ningbo to enter the Ningbo market in just over a year?Recently, it was reported by media that the three online stores of “Net Red” household brand NǒME Nomi living in Ningbo will be closed, meaning that they will withdraw from the Ningbo market.On May 8, the person in charge of NǒME Nomi Life replied to the sauna on this issue. Yewang said that the news was not true and caused: “NǒME Nomi Life never thought of withdrawing from the Ningbo market.Large investment in the Ningbo market is expected to have at least five stores in Ningbo in the future.”Ikea issued a statement on the suspected” indecent video incident in the mall “. Recently, an indecent video suspected of being taken at IKEA was uploaded to the Internet. On May 9th, the official Weibo of IKEA IKEA issued a statement saying that the suspected spread on the InternetIKEA China is very well-known for “video events” involving IKEA stores.He firmly opposed and was convicted of this behavior, and he immediately alerted the police in the city where the mall was suspected of interference.Country Garden Ventures is about 4.9.9 billion US dollars to subscribe for Mona Lisa shares on the 5th, 6th, Mona Lisa announced that the company and Shenzhen Country Garden Innovation Investment Co., Ltd. on May 5, 2020, a large number of conditional effective “strategic cooperation and share subscription agreement”.Mona Lisa’s target for this non-public offering is Country Garden Venture Capital. The funds raised from this non-public offering will not exceed 5.According to the issue price, the number of A shares issued does not exceed 30.38 million shares. Country Garden plans to subscribe for 27.12 million shares.The subscription price is 18.43 yuan / share, the total subscription price is about 4.9.9 billion yuan.The 21st Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition was postponed. On May 6, the official WeChat of Chengdu Furniture Fair announced that the 21st Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition and the 7th Customized Home Furnishing, Doors and Windows Industry Expo were postponed.According to reports, Chengdu Furniture Fair Organizing Committee will rely on Chengdu’s first dual-line smart exhibition platform-“IES Smart Exhibition Platform” to fully upgrade exhibition services, online and offline dual-line simultaneously, from online exhibitions, industry long-term value-added energyTo reshape the three dimensions of business channels, launch eight powerful measures to gather information flow, resource flow, and communication flow for the home furnishing industry, and help home furnishing developers to carry out innovative marketing.Sauna, Ye Jie Zhang Jie editor Peng Yali proofreading Wei Zhuo