She glanced,Hesitated,Still connected。

“Now i’m not at home,Don’t you enjoy the tranquility,Why call me?”Xiao Xiao is clearly angry。
“……Don’t stay out late,You don’t like staying with me,I have booked a ticket,Not home at eight o’clock in the evening,You don’t play too late。”
“Got it,Bon Voyage。”Xiao Xiao hung up the phone,Took a deep breath,Immediately looked at Chen Wenjin,Said something:“Do you think I talked too much to her?”
“Don’t know what happened,I’m not sure if it’s too much。”Chen Wenjin looks at Xiao Xiao,Clearly there is a desire to talk,But I can’t say it。
But at the beginning,probably is,Can’t help it?
At this moment,The noisy roar of the engine from far to near,Obviously Wang Shuai’s car。
No matter if Xiao Xiao originally planned to talk about things,It’s not suitable at the moment。
Chen Wenjin get off,When I drove my car back out,Wang Shuai’s car just drove in。
Wang Shuai got out of the car,Remove the blue sunglasses,Xiao Xiao who walked to open the door and get off,Greeted:“Xiao Xiao, this is not enough,I only called Chen Wenjin when I came back,Don’t tell me?”
“Less guessing,I ran into it on the side of the east street。”Chen Wenjin directly explained the situation。
“Quarrel with my mother,I came back and drove out with a bad temper,No one has time to contact。”Xiao Xiao looked at Wang Shuai’s car and said:“As good as ever,Can’t see it’s broken。”
“Xiao Xiao beauty is in a bad mood,Then drive my car around today,The engine of this car is loud enough,It makes people worry about nothing。”
“Really curious。”Xiao Xiao sat down unceremoniously。
“Get familiar with the accelerator and brake first。”Chen Wenjin reminded,Xiao Xiao made a clear gesture,Closed the door。
Chen Wenjin turned to Wang Shuai and said:“Are you unsure of driving,I want to practice with Xiao Xiao’s car?”
“……Just learned,Haven’t opened for so many days,I can’t help but tremble secretly by giving more gas。Xiao Xiaokai’s cooked,Nothing。”Wang Shuai is not afraid to admit it,Anyway, Xiao Xiao is far away,can not hear,He got into Xiao Xiao’s car by himself,Start with standard operations。
however,Put out the fire。
This effort,Xiao Xiao drove Wang Shuai’s car back down。