“in the afternoon,I will take you to the real Zisha workshop,Want to buy,It’s better to buy in that place,Although they are all newly produced,Not antique,But at least made of real materials。”Teacher Ren added。

he knows,Hu Yang was invited,I also want to see how the traditional crafts like Zisha are produced,Show it to the audience in the live broadcast room。
“Then I will bother you to be teacher。it is good,Go now。Stall,Also our favorite。”Hu Yang smiled。
He doesn’t care,Can pick up on any occasion,But Lu Daqiang and them,Not much money in my pocket,Go to a regular antique shop,They can’t afford it,Can only see,Then it won’t be too interesting。
“go!Go!go!Wherever you go,No grass grows!”Lu Daqiang chanted a slogan very well。
Hu Yang and others feel that they have brought a husky。
The audience in the live room laughed,Just like this funny,You can’t imagine,Such a second-degree person,Actually came out of the mountainous countryside。
General secondary,Shouldn’t be all those dead otaku、Rotten girl or something?
Seeing Hu Yang and their silent expressions,Lu Daqiang touched his head awkwardly,Innocently asked:“Isn’t that said??”
“Cough!We are not bandits,Why do you want to keep the grass from growing??OK!No one laughed at you,But your slogan is really bad。”Hu Yang smiled。
Let Lu Daqiang stop for a while,Everyone came near the post office,I saw someone setting up a stall,But scattered,Looks very deserted。
Hua Tsai has been to many antique markets,This is one of the worst two or three he has ever seen。
“So few people!This is not in line with the identity of the historical city of Yixing!I think the antique market is so bad,It’s not like this?”Even Zhong Wenqiu himself finds it hard to believe。
“We Yixing belong to Wuxi tube,The antique market basically moves there,The vendors like to run there too,After all, the passenger flow is large。No vendors、Support of antique dealers,There is no way to talk about an antique market。”Teacher Ren explained the essence。
After all,They are just a county。
Hu Yang smiled:“antique,You don’t have to find it in the antique market,When you are lucky,Even a discarded flower pot on the side of the road is valuable,So don’t care about these。”
Chapter 499 A sensational fraud case
Everyone had to bring up their spirits,Walk towards the nearest stall。