“Xu Jiahao,Just now you said that the bullies found you at George Bush Intercontinental Airport,Until the plane,Then why didn’t those people start early,I will catch you before the plane takes off?”Geodah continued to ask。

“After all, Houston is their place,But waited until the plane flew for more than half,I’m going to Tokyo, Japan,They just started on you?”
“benefactor,seriously,I have been thinking about this issue just now,This does not make sense。”Xu Jiahao said with a serious face。
“I think the only possibility is,Compared to Houston,Tokyo is the place of those people!”
“Oh?”After hearing Xu Jiahao’s explanation, Qiao Daye thought about it,Can’t help but nod and say。
“It’s possible,Those bullies are originally Japanese,And they can send gangs to control the entire Tokyo Haneda International Airport,It shows that their roots in Tokyo are not so deep!”
“Japanese?Tokyo?Site?”GEODIS put these keywords together and thought about it,Suddenly think of something,Quickly grabbed Xu Jiahao and asked。
“Xu Jiahao,Do you remember what the bullies said when they threatened the stewardess??What do they say that people have sent people to surround the entire Tokyo Haneda International Airport?”
“amount.”This matter just passed a few minutes,Xu Jiahao remembered it after a little thought。
“Oh oh,I remember now,The gang seems to say that they organized and sent people to defend the airport!”
“They organize?!”Geodaye nodded vigorously.,Suddenly realized,“I finally understand what’s going on!Humph,Turns out they are making a ghost!”
“Who?Who is fucking?”Xu Jiahao asked immediately when he saw this。
“No.No one.”Geodah hesitated,But I still haven’t revealed it all,“Waiting to see Qiao Tianyu,Let Qiao Tianyu tell you!”
After talking about GEODIS, I stopped talking,No longer question Xu Jiahao,He and Xu Jiahao returned to the cabin and sat quietly in their seats,Waiting for the plane to land at Singapore Changi International Airport。
Flight selection to change to Singapore Changi International Airport is a temporary choice made by the airport and United Airlines headquarters,Without passing through Tokyo Haneda International Airport,So the news did not leak out。
And because GEODIS took the initiative to help the flight and the captain control the critical situation on the plane,Naturally, he became the hero of the entire flight and United Airlines。
In recognition of the outstanding contributions made by GEODIS,After landing in Singapore, United Airlines wanted to give GEODIS10Ten thousand dollars as a reward,But was declined by GEODIS, who is not short of money。