I immediately laughed:“The little brother is also a cool person.,Let’s leave each other?”

Just in the middle-aged man thought that Li Hui Hui had to promise,Li Hui Feng is directly shaken:“We are not interested in this,I have other important things to do with my girlfriend.,But I like this personality of his brother.,If you have something to say,No need to hide。”
I am not interested in Li Hui.,Middle-aged man is also unable to。
Immediately handle a gold card business card directly to Li Hui。
“Brother,I also like refreshing people.,this is my name card,Waiting for a drink together。”
“Hey-hey,no problem,I have no business card.,I will contact my old brother to contact each other.!”
Original middle-aged man does not hold any hope,I heard Li Hui’s words,He immediately somewhat excited。
I didn’t expect that the Willow Flower Ming and a village will happen to him.。
“Row,What is the name of your brother??”
Finish,Li Hui Feng also looked at the middle-aged man handed him to his business card.。
Shuhui,President of Guanghui Food Co., Ltd.,Investors,General Manager a long list,Let Li Hui’s feelings that feel that people in front of them are like a big liar.。
Because the general business card is not so many heads,Even the famous heads such as the general manager are also hooked.。
But when the opponent’s face,Li Hui Feng also did not show anything。
After exchange of contacts,Li Hui Feng didn’t want to talk to each other.。
But very obvious,Yanbu Hui didn’t want to miss the opportunity to continue chat with Li Hui Feng.,Because he feels that I will tell Li Anti-style change ideas.,Then promise him。
After all, he has a little exclusive for such a thing.,But once it is stepped,That kind of crazy,That kind of stimulus makes him gradually and can’t stop。
“Li Lai is coming to a big bending city for a big bent??”
“Hey-hey,It’s coming to see,Then look at there is a suitable line of production.,Then buy a few go back。”
Originally, Li Hui felt that Li Failee is not like rich people.,After all, Li took the wind to dress up and have Han Shanshan’s dress and dressing.。
But Li Hui’s words,But let him change his opinion。
People who can buy production lines,That is not a general rich,Seeing Li Hui’s appearance is so young,Such young young people,He feels that there should be names on the rich list.。
Just search for a long time,But I can’t search for half a message about Li’s wind.。
“have no idea,What kind of production line is Li I want to buy??
Car production line?”
Li Hui Feng was originally just just a way to send the other party to send it.,I didn’t expect the other party or a person who broke the casserole.。
Don’t feel some speechless。
“Not a car production line,It should be a type of food processing.!”
I listened to Li Hui.,步 辉 眼 眼 眼。
He feels that his chance is coming.,However, this time he didn’t go to Li and Li with the wind.。
Just point my nodded:“Lee brother if necessary,You can go directly to the big bend market.,I can help me。”
Although it is said,But he also understands,If Li Hui is a smart person, he knows how much he is this.。
“Hey-hey,Big brother rest assured,Maybe it’s really trouble you.。”
When I said this,Li Hui also looked up with his business card that had just been sent to him.,After all, it is, but the other party is the president of Guanghui Food Co., Ltd.。