Pursuing the spirit of the spirit and affluent Zege, open the gold era for documentary

  ■ Our reporter Wang Yan talks about documentary, and many people’s stereotypes are connected to "Cell". However, in the Z generation of the M generations, the B station is more than 78% of the monthly, and the judgment of things is completely different: here, only 2020 have a number of people to watch the documentary.

  Why did the Z generation love documentary? What kind of documentary can continue to attract the eye of the Z generation? A few days ago, the B station took a 158-minute online conference triggered the industry’s hot discussion. Not only because of the only protagonist of the conference is a documentary, but also in more than two hours of sharing, the B stalk fell to their aesthetics for documentary, and some angles also responded to the aesthetics of Z generation young people – seeking innovation, more The spirit of seeking the spirit and cultural value of the times can be seen. Just like the vice chairman of the B station and Coo Li said that when more and more Z generation people pursue spiritual common prosperity, as one of the most objective and direct participants in the current era, the documentary also ushered in the golden age.

  New language: Young people Internet demands from entertainment transfer to intellectualization This brings together 21 new works, of which 17 are originally created by the B station, one by the B station with CCTV, one by B station and Discovery is jointly created, and there are two BBC fist products. As a platform for the secondary agency, B Station is a documentary picture? The story that happened behind the documentary is worth listening.

In 2019, documentary "," but, there is a book "online, the work passes the story of editing, loading, translation, bookstore, bookstore, painting the author, the old book collector, etc., tandem for the fate of the people’s fate. A B station user took a short half a day, took more than one hundred pictures, just to do one thing: all the books that appeared after the owner’s manual. In this sharing, youth preferences can be seen – the story of the generic, high concentration cultural knowledge, unique novel expression form.

  It is also worth seeing in the barrage and the netizen on the public. At the B station, the user is not shared, but they not only actively as the "class representative" summarizes the related knowledge involved in the UP main video, and further recommend the high-quality documentary in their minds.

Many high-mouth and small people’s "treasure" knowledge video and documentary are excavated by young people in B. In fact, after the documentary is playing with the B station, the broader context is learning and knowledge video in the B station "red and half the sky".

There is a string of platform data to be protected: At present, the knowledge content has accounted for 49% of the total number of video on the UP primary, as of June this year, the scientific content increased by 1994% year-on-year; in the past year, billions of users learn in B, this number It is near the number of college students in the Mainland. In 2016, the documentary "I am in the Forbidden City Trichor" on the B station, and several millions of players have been harvested for a few months.

For a time, the craftsman’s spirit of people passed, and several cultural renaphers in the film became the "net red" of young people to respect and favorite. Even the work of the Forbidden City has become an ideal career in the minds of contemporary youth.

  If the phenomenon of the year was shocked throughout the industry to a certain extent, it broke the understanding of documentary audience groups in the industry, so today’s fashion is more obvious. Compared with the young people, they often use the Internet as a entertainment, now they tend to go online, feel the world, the Internet is fulfilling the spirit of the spirit. Young people who love the content of cultural knowledge are calling more quality documentary, and responding to the new demand for Z generation, it has become the new look of more documentary creations.

  New aesthetics: cultural self-confidence, the value of the times, the 21 documentaries of China’s story is about to go online by the platform, the name is simple and moving, respectively, "Human" "Vientiane" "Fireworks".

At the point of view of the person in charge of China’s documentary network, the cultural confidence, the value of the times, the daily fireworks have become a focus on the creation of more and more Netty Documentary, which is reflected in the new aesthetics of the contemporary youth to documentary and even the spiritual cultural life.

  Follow this single single to explore the aesthetic needs of contemporary youth.

"Human" sector, the lens to the shaped colored people with life.

Once, "the first time in life" has made many young people in tears.

Born, go to school, grow up, soldiers, go to work, marriage, enter the city, buy a house, guard, retirement, pension, bid … This is 12 chapters in documentary, and 12 important nodes in life. Many landscape brushed out: "Just like reading your life.

"The second time" Life is the second time "is launched as a sister, and the observation or can be called" rebirth "is a true story of how the contemporary Chinese rebounds in the adversity.

It is only a small trailer flower, the rich era value and the humanistic care call, many netizens leave a message "to list the list".

  "However, there is a book" The second season is also a hot IP, which will continue to freeze the reading scenery of this era.

The reason why netizens did not forget the series, because the main creation successfully passed such a feeling in the first quarter: No matter how medically refurbished, there is always an idealistic ray to flash.

Just like Mivash in the same name little poem "but, there is also books": "But the book will be erected in the bookshelf, fortunately, from the people, also stem from the lofty and bright." "Z generation is A generation of cultural confidence. "This argument has received repeated prove in the B station. The new documentary "China" as the name suggests, the protagonists recorded in China, including Chinese traditional culture, including folk music, opera, etc., the narration of the white, a few shocked lenses in the film. They are all traditional arts and contemporary performances, innovative technology organic combination, a Chinese traditional culture in contemporary Chinese story. "I am your porcelain" "Only incense" is not about the traditional culture with typical China’s branding, the creator uses three years and five years, to explore "China ‘sharing the same English word porcelain What is the charm in the end?

  In the "Vientiane" sector, nature, science, science fiction, and field of view are keywords. There are China’s magnificent ecological landscape, such as "the land of the gods", which takes root in China’s unique ultimate platform, explores the harmonious symbiosis of humanity, animals and nature; there is a big IP in the world, such as the wild survival competitive documentation " Wilderness "third quarter; there is no knowledge of unknown universe," Future Odyssey "is the only astronomical scientific documentary with the subject of Liu Cixin Science fiction; also has a depth of people, such as psychology experimental nature Mind password.

In the "fireworks" sector, "Sichuan 4", "Church 2" "One string of life, a string of life" Love your life. Documentary is a content form with deep historical accumulation.

From the beginning of the birth of the image, it is recorded all the phenomena, stories and culture of this world, and is an indispensable property of human culture treasure governing.

Now, hundreds of Chinese contemporary young people, use their own iterative cultural aesthetics to create a new era documentary creation – we need, is a Chinese story of cultural confidence, value, daily fireworks and other multidimensional "present".