Comprehensive recognition of beauty holy products-bird’s nest _1

All-round recognition of beauty holy products-bird’s nest

Bird’s nest, also known as bird’s nest, bird’s root, bird’s nest writing, bird’s nest, golden silk, etc., is not only a valuable cooking ingredient, but also a supplement with high nutritional value.
Bird’s nest refers to the nest created by the saliva secreted by the swallows, and then mixed with other substances (such as feathers and grass branches).
Among the swallows, the protein purity and nutritional value of Jinsiyan saliva is the highest.
  The bird’s nests eaten by Chinese people can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. It is reported that Empress Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty often consumed bird’s nests for beauty. From the following dynasties to the Ming and Qing dynasties, the style of the bird’s nest to be treasured in high society has been incessant, and it is lined up in the palace.Beginning in the Ming Dynasty, small countries near Southeast Asia paid tribute to the emperor of the dynasty, and many of them were top-grade bird’s nests, which were logically known as “gongyan” or “guanyan”.
[Compendium of Materia Medica]by Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty has described the bird’s nest in more detail: near the far seas of Fujian, there are gold silk of the bird’s name, and two ribs such as maple silk on the back of the snail, which are clean and white, and can be eaten.The tonic has already been exhausted, so the internalized ribs of the swallow food turned out, and the fluid was vomited out. It was formed into a small nest and attached to the stone. For a long time, it flew with the young chicks, and the sea people picked it up on time, so:Bird’s nest.
  Place of Origin: The origin of bird’s nest is distributed in Southeast Asia, mainly in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and China’s Hainan Province.
Among them, Hoi An, Vietnam, is suitable for swallows because of the weather and environment, so the quality of bird’s nest is the best.
Because the output is small and the demand exceeds supply, the price is more expensive.
  Because the bird’s nest is different in origin, the taste is also different.
Dongyan is mainly Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. The entrance will feel refreshing and slightly rough.
Not soft enough.
The bird’s nest workers in Indonesia are mainly bird’s nest, which is relatively clean and has a short soaking time.
  Bird’s nest species: Golden Bird’s Nest: The most common bird’s nest is made directly by saliva.
Colors are mainly divided into white, yellow, red and gray.
The red bird is commonly known as the blood swallow. The red color of the blood swallow is due to the minerals and iron in the food when the swallows forage, and because the environment is humid and oxidized, it turns red.
  Mao Yan: Mao Yan is a kind of cave swallow. Swallows use saliva and most of their hair to build their nests. The appearance is poor but does not represent poor quality. The color is mainly white and yellow. Generally, there are many processing procedures for hair swallowIt is necessary to break Nestlé, remove feathers and impurities, and then make a bird cake.
Although the efficacy is not as good as that of Jinsiyan, the hair is better.
  Grass swallows: Grass swallows can be divided into house grass swallows or cave grass swallows. They mostly live along the coast, especially in Indonesia and the Sulu Sea in the southern Philippines.
The grass swallow is exactly what the name implies: the swallow will use its own saliva and grass to build its nest, so the appearance of the bird’s nest will be a little grassy.
  Bird’s nest products Bird’s nest: The workers select nest-shaped or boat-shaped bird’s nests from the harvested bird’s nests, and then sell them after small plucking.
Bird’s nest is taken out naturally, so the shape and size are different.
It has the best nutrition, fragrance and hair.
The cleanest and best hair out of many.
If a swallow builds a nest on the beam of a bird house, the bird’s nest becomes a boat.
If the swallows nest in the corner, the bird’s nest will form triangles, bird’s nests, bird’s balls: the bird’s nest broken by the workers, and the bird’s nest is pressed into different shapes (diamond, spherical, half-moon, rectangular, etc.), which are usually clean and have good hair.
  Swallow horn: It is the hard part of the two ends of the bird’s nest, and it is also the place where the saliva of the swallow is the thickest.
It takes a long time (six to eight hours) to cut out the swallow horns and soak them in water. The swallow horns are torn into pieces before immersion, making it easier to sap.
The hair is larger and more refreshing than Yan Yan.
  Bird’s nest: mostly grass swallows, strip-shaped bird’s nests harvested and broken in bird’s nest or cut from bird’s nest.
  Yansi: refers to a very thin sac within the bird’s nest.
  How to choose a good bird’s nest: 1. The denser the fiber, the better: the color is transparent with a slight yellow, shiny, and has the fragrance of bird’s nest.
The fibers on the bird’s nest should be clearly visible, with clear texture and different thickness. The denser the better.
The silk inside the bosom should be messy and loose.
  2. The shape must be complete and large: the top bird’s nest must be complete and large.
If the swallows nest in the swallow house’s beams, the bird’s nest will become a boat.
If the swallows nest in the corner, the bird’s nest will form a triangle.
The interior is distinct.
  3, the amount of hair: after soaking in the bird’s nest, the average is three to five times larger, and more advanced bird’s nests such as Guanyan, can even make five to seven times larger.Vietnam cave swallow weight.

  4. A small amount of young hair: After soaking the bird’s nest, a small amount of young hair will be seen. If there is no fine hair or it is extremely clean, it may be artificially rinsed.

5, fishy taste: natural bird’s nest.

It will smell a little bit fishy, and it will be more intense when wet.

However, some bird’s nests processed with chemical agents will have a chemical agent flavor after being immersed.

Pay attention.

  6. Dilution in water: Pure natural bird’s nest, it will dissolve in water after being stewed, and it will not dissolve in the course of soaking in the end.

For the convenience of transportation, the bird’s nest from Indonesia comes with water when it comes to Indonesia. To make a dry bird’s nest, it must be bottomed before it becomes air-dried.

Moisture bird’s nests will be found on the market. Although water will carry weight, faithful shops will definitely reduce the price to the value of the dried product.

  7, rough appearance: If you choose a completely dry bird’s nest, carefully pick it up, you will feel the bird’s nest is rough, and it is particularly crisp, it will make a sound, and it will easily break, and the processed bird’s nest is covered with a substance on the surface.The body, but only (the skin is not dry), is not only difficult to break, it is elastic, and the leaching water will be cloudy, and even oxygen bubbles will appear.

  8. Different colors: Because each swallow eats different food, the color of their saliva will also be different, so the color of each bird’s nest varies.

  In summary, a good bird’s nest should be: the silk is thin and dense, the shape of the bird is large and thick, it has a fishy smell, and it feels dry, with a small amount of fine hair in the bird, and the bird’s horns are thin.

  Preservation method: The bird’s nest bought at home is best placed in the air-conditioned room and blown off at the air outlet for one night, so that the water and gas in the bird’s nest basically evaporate, which is conducive to preservation.

And put it in a sealed box and keep it in a cool place for several years.

But do n’t put it in the refrigerator.

  The beauty effect of bird’s nest: 1. Tonifying the lungs and nourishing yin, stopping cough due to deficiency of the lungs, and reducing lung deficiency.

Including lung yin deficiency, shortness of breath, prolonged cough, blood in sputum, hemoptysis, hemoptysis, bronchitis, sweating, and low flushing.

2. Tonic and nourish the stomach, relieve stomach coldness, and vomit.

Nausea caused by stomach yin deficiency, nausea, bowel sounds.

  3, after illness, weakness, stinging, gas replacement for each disease, with bird’s nest for food, can nourish yin tone.

4, antiperspirant, qi deficiency, sweating of spleen deficiency, urine replacement, nocturia.

  5. Makes human skin smooth, elastic and shiny, thereby reducing wrinkles.

  6, bird’s nest contains a variety of amino acids, infants and children often eat wisdom can increase wisdom, increase thinking, anti-sensitivity, make up for its innate shortcomings.

  7, pregnant women during pregnancy, prenatal and postpartum eating, there are effects of fertility, supplementation.

8. Bird’s nest is a food of natural Zengjin fluid, and contains a variety of amino acids, it has inhibitory and counterbalance effects on esophageal cancer, throat cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, rectal cancer and so on.

9. All the sequelae caused by electrotherapy and chemotherapy, such as dry throat, sore throat, swelling, constipation, hoarseness, nausea, etc., have significantly improved bird’s nest.

10. Bird’s nest is sweet and flat, nourishing yin and moisturizing, it is a nutritious and beneficial food, it has the effect of health food therapy, and it is a healthy food welcomed by the public.

  However, very little is known about the selection and efficacy of bird’s nest, and most people have misconceptions of one kind or another.

  Misunderstanding: House swallows are gilded swallows raised at home. Literacy: artificially constructed bird nests produced by bird houses have more stable quality.I am afraid it is also a shot of “dangerous shuttle hanging on the edge of a cliff”.

That’s right, there are a large number of locals in Southeast Asia who pick bird’s nests in caves. Now on the cliffs of some small islands in Thailand, you can still see many decaying bamboo ladders that can once produce bird’s nests.

“But now, considering personal safety and environmental protection, a large number of swallow houses have been built locally in Indonesia.

“Yang Sheng, a bird’s nest expert at Jinyan Zan, said,” The bird’s house is like a tower with a flat roof.

“Although they raise golden swallows, they also raise chickens and ducks.

After the construction of the new swallow house, the locals will first move the swallow nest of the house swallow into the house, put the eggs of the golden swallow, and when the first generation of the golden swallow grows up, they will use it as their home.

“There are many small square windows on each floor of the tower. Every morning around 6 o’clock, Jinsiyan will fly out to find food for himself.

After all, these are no different from wild ones except to attract settlements.

“Yang Sheng said,” In addition to unified sanitary management and the avoidance of natural hazards, the bird’s nests implanted by house swallows are more stable.

For example, some of the official swallows of Jin Yanzhan are from house swallows.

  Misunderstanding: Yanzhan has the highest nutritional value. Literacy: Yan broken impurities are more nutritious but not expensive. It is always good-this is almost a substitute for human consumption psychology.

Of course, there is always a reason for the high price. As far as bird’s nest is concerned, some people think that the price of bird’s nest in the same breed of bird’s nest is higher than that of broken bird because of its high nutritional value.   In fact, the bird’s nest is the part that was accidentally crushed during transportation, or has been broken during the picking process.

Almost complete Yan Yan, Yan Yan contains impurities concentration, which may be mixed with Yan Horn (both ends of Yan Yan), in addition to the cleaning process is more troublesome, in addition, the taste is not as good as Yan Yan.

However, in terms of nutritional value alone, the nutritional value of Yanyan is not small.

If you are just starting to eat and want to DIY, you can consider Guan Yan Crush, because Yan Crush is relatively affordable, even if the stew fails, it will not be too distressed.

And long-term consumption, the bird’s crushing effect is not bad.

  Misunderstanding: Stewing bird’s nests without wasting literacy: If the methods are not correct, it means that you can eat them for nothing. In the forums, there are often netizens who ask for help.The practice of bird’s nest.

In fact, more than just stewing, the pre-treatment of bird’s nests such as picking hairs and cleaning up makes many people dumbfounded.

“If the treatment is not correct, it is tantamount to giving up.

“Yang Sheng said.

  There is a lot of knowledge about the stew of bird’s nest.

Due to the mineral content of blood swallows, stewing takes longer, usually between 3 and 3.

5 hours; and Guanyan can’t be stewed for too long because of the high gel content, it can be half an hour to 45 minutes, otherwise it will easily turn water.

After soaking the bought Yanzhan for one night, don’t rush into the electric cup and tear it into strips. You will find unclean impurities in the middle. Rinse them with water before putting them into the pot.

Another thing is that many people like to eat rock candy bird’s nest, so they throw the syrup and bird’s nest in an electric cup to stew. This will greatly reduce the taste and the benefits. The bird’s nest must be stewed in water and stewed for 5 minutes., Then add rock sugar.

  If you’re afraid of trouble, or don’t worry about your own “craft” of stewing, you can choose ready-to-eat bird’s nest.

This kind of bottled bird’s nest bird’s nest stewed by the shop is very popular in Hong Kong, just add it to milk, oats, porridge or soup.