Outdoor Aerobics-Cycling Tour

Outdoor Aerobics-Cycling Tour

Cycling tourism is an outdoor aerobic exercise that integrates leisure, entertainment, competition, dating, and fashion, and is suitable for all ages.

It is environmentally friendly and saves transportation costs. It is convenient, fast, and pollution-free. It is a national fitness exercise that is emerging in tandem.

At present, there are 150 cycling tourism associations and cycling tourism clubs in the country. The total number of cycling tourism is about 200,000 people each year, of which there are 1,600 people in 35 teams in Taiyuan City.

Cycling activities are especially loved and favored by middle-aged and elderly friends. Every spring, weekends, holidays, modern urban people pedal bicycles, outskirts and wild areas, long distances, leisurely enjoy the unlimited fun of cycling tours, and appreciate the beauty of nature.Scenery, fully bathe the sun, fresh air, and pursue a life that is more conducive to physical health and happy mood.

  The best choice for cycling tours is a mountain bike with a rear bracket, which can adapt to different roads and terrain conditions, and can also carry personal items and camping equipment.

Such as: tents, sleeping bags, food, kettles, rain gear, car repair tools, pumps, etc.

  Correct riding posture: arm flexion, two-handed handlebar bends, torso forward leaning forward, stepping into the arch, so that the contact surface between the body and the air is reduced to a minimum, thereby reducing.

The position of the seat should be the height of the rider’s feet straight. The handlebar should generally be parallel to the seat or slightly lower than the seat. During the ride, the upper body should be stable. Do not swing left and right.A proper posture is conducive to exerting the pedaling power of both legs. At the same time, during the training session, pay attention to mastering the braking technology, the uphill and downhill technology, the turning technology, and the pedaling technology.In order not to fall behind, it is necessary to comprehensively improve the physical qualities such as speed, endurance, sensitivity, coordination, flexibility, reaction, bouncing, etc., and maintain a good state during the ride.

  Before starting the cycling tour, you must thoroughly check the vehicle, inflate and refuel. Do not ride the faulty vehicle on the road. Take a map, compass, knives, flashlights, communication tools, cameras, changing clothes, emergency medicine, introduction letters, documents on long-distance cycling tours., Prepare travel expenses, rain gear, climbing ropes, tents, etc.

When choosing a travel agency, you should choose a guest house at a distance, and watch the weather forecast in time to prepare for the flow rate.

It is best to drink mineral water and cool water.

  When traveling by bicycle, young people generally ride 20 kilometers per hour and 15 kilometers per hour each year. It is necessary to maintain a proper speed to prevent the phenomenon of flickering.

Follow traffic regulations on the way.

Try to avoid motor vehicles.

After sweating, avoid the air vents to prevent a cold.

During the tour, you should add 150 to 200 ml of water every 2 hours, and properly supplement nutrition. Foods with vacuum bags are preferred, such as soy products, beef and chocolate, which contain calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamins.Every time you leave, you must be prepared for a long time. You must also check and bring your belongings together to prevent loss and damage to the husband.

  After the cycling tour, to relax your body, shoulders, waist, legs, toes, and muscles, it is best to take a hot bath, perform medical exercises or massage, and relieve fatigue as soon as possible.To restore physical strength, improve the ability of the human body to prevent disease, and achieve the purpose of esteem, nutrition, longevity, and physical fitness.