Film and television bases are waiting for Chen Qing Girls to reappear 丨 Investigation

Film and television bases are waiting for “Chen Qing Girls” to reappear 丨 Investigation
The TV series “Dajiang Dahe 2” announced the killing of a large group last month, which was more than a month away from the originally planned killing in March.As the response levels of the epidemic situation were lowered throughout the country, most of the shutdown script groups resumed work one after another.However, as the film and television base of the “barometer” of the film and television industry, it seems that the former glory has not yet been restored.It is said that Dai Ting, the person in charge of the Ningbo Film and Television Base, was exposed. Since the epidemic, “Dajiang Dahe 2” was the only crew that the base received within three months. It was not until the end of April that other crews were prepared to enter. “In fact, in March weIt is already in a state of full resumption of work, but many producers, directors, including behind-the-scenes creators or in Beijing, where in Shanghai, there are overseas import cases and different isolation policies, everyone is watching.”The big river and big river” crew was successful.The picture comes from the online Ningbo film and television base. It is not the only film and television base that was “cold in the door” during the epidemic. A dust of the era fell on the industry is a big mountain.It is said that the sauna was visited by Yenet. The cinema was shut down in the first half of this year. A large number of new movies were withdrawn from production. The film crew and the film crew were shut down. Most of the film and television bases in the country are expected to lose nearly 100 film crews. The film and television tourism industry is still in passive shutdown.status.The loss of main business leads to co-production, group performances, art scenery, equipment leasing, catering and accommodation and other industries to face the difficulties of survival.In recent years, the emerging film and television base industry may face hundreds of billions of dollars after this battle.In the face of the prolonged winter period, major film and television bases have now launched preferential supplements to improve service quality and develop new businesses, trying to find a balance between the hard work and long-term development.In the first place, in desperation and loss, they still look forward to the future.Ningbo Film and Television Base will welcome two crews in May, and currently three or four crews are preparing for viewing.Zhou Gankang, the person in charge of Duyun Qinhan Film and Television City (abbreviated as Duyun Film and Television City for short) hopes that the epidemic will be lifted. After the filming resumes, the film and television city will usher in an unprecedented “blowout”.Not to starve to death.When Hengdian was the hottest, the crew was rushing to use it. We are ready to have such saturation in the second half of the year.”All of the” repetition “script groups resumed work, and body temperature and nucleic acid detection were required in mid-March. The epidemic entered a period of internal defense rebound and external defense input. At this time, the resumption of” Dajiang Dahe 2 “underwent a thorough record review.Although during the isolation period, the director and all the members of the lead actor did not leave Ningbo, but Ningbo Film and Television Base still asked the crew of “Dajiang Dahe 2” to count the personal information of all the cast members, 14 time and place details; the staff also need to signA letter of commitment promising not to have been to the epidemic-prone area or contacted a suspected patient.According to Dai Dai, “Dajiang Dahe 2” has already begun to prepare the relevant approval process ten days before resuming work.It is the only first step in resuming work.After the filming was officially resumed, Ningbo Film and Television Base disinfected the scene of “Dajiang Dahe 2” every day “without dead ends”, and arranged for a special person to supervise the epidemic prevention throughout the scene to ensure that everyone except the actors were left in the mask.Performers also strictly enforce the “one person, one certificate” pass.Dai Ting said that during the rough calculation, they provided at least 700 masks to Dajiang Dahe 2 and the daily protective materials such as disinfectant were not small.Wang Kai’s filming of “Dajiang Dahe 2” resumed.The picture comes from the Internet in the face of resumption of work, and other film and television bases are also following thin ice.As the new coronary arteries around the country have been “cleared”, Hengdian, Xiangshan, West Taihu Lake, Duyun and other film and television bases have begun to resume work actively, but the resumed crews must strictly abide by “stay in the local area before the shutdown, no new foreign personnel, all actingThree standards for health checkup of personnel.For example, Duyun Film and Television City requires staff members from Hubei to be temporarily unable to enter the group; all other personnel must also go to the designated hospital for chest CT scans, nucleic acid tests, etc. before resuming work, and issue relevant certificates.After the official shooting, the cast members also need to issue a health code, which displays green and yellow, and can work normally with daily temperature measurement.”You Fei” starring Wang Yibo and Zhao Liying has also been successful after resuming work.After the work is completed, the film and television base also mostly adopts “closed management” for the film crew. The studio and hotel are at two points and one line, and the food and accommodation are “one-stop service”. “Disinfectant, alcohol, as long as they need the materials, we andThe government will provide free and unconditional.Except for masks, because everyone couldn’t buy them at the time.Zhou Qiankang revealed.It is reported that most of the resuming crews are “retainers” who are properly killed during the Spring Festival, and few new crews are stationed.The new crew is on the sidelines, and urban framing has shortcomings. “The entire industry is not yet fully prepared.Xu Xiusong, the relevant person in charge of the West Taihu Film and Television Base, admitted that the industry’s overall resumption of work and the level of the whole society, the restoration of the environment and the movement of people are synchronized.At present, the domestic epidemic situation has not been completely lifted. Most domestic producers, directors, and actors are basically in Beijing. Recently, they have all been “red codes” from Chaoyang, Beijing.Duyun Film and Television City has contacted multiple crews to make an appointment to watch the scene, but most of them said “want to wait again”, “I let them come in April, but many people think they will talk in May and June.”Zhou Qiankang said frankly that there are also many concerns about the actors,” because no masks were worn during the filming, and many scenes needed close contact, so many crews wanted to wait for the epidemic to stabilize again.Due to the scale of Duyun Film and Television City, the film crew still has difficulty communicating in the city.The crew needs to provide the shooting scene table, art plan, etc., and the base will coordinate with the community and the street in advance.”We will always communicate with the property, and the property will also communicate with the owner. Offices, villas, and defense work will be more strict.In relation to medical treatment, the works on campus are currently “shooting without doors.”According to Dai Ting, to completely resume daily shooting, the national epidemic situation still needs to be completely controlled. “The industry currently seems to be watching carefully. The new crew may focus on shooting in late April and early May.Dai Ting predicted.This is expected to be a big hit, and the current forecast is not as good as the popular broadcast of “Chen Qing Ling” and “Qing Yu Nian” last year. Duyun Film and Television City, which has only risen for four years, has become a filming site for net red.From the passive contact of the script group to the park, there were already six crews who booked the initial scenes by the end of last year. “But due to the epidemic, other than” The Legend of Thousand-Hand Guanyin “hurried to film in January, the other crews did not succeed.”Zhou Qiankang said helplessly.In 2020, many film and television bases had expected “a big fight”.In 2019, the film and television industry is ushering in winter, capital withdrawal, company wait-and-see, the popularity of episode shooting has decayed discretely, and the industrial chain has all entered an in-depth adjustment period.According to the publicity data of the TV drama preparations of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, there are only 905 dramas in the annual preparations in 2019, a sharp decrease of nearly 40% from the 1231 in 2018.The decrease in production of costume dramas directly affects the film and television bases of costumes or period dramas in the industry. Although the output of a large number of modern dramas has increased, the scale of this type of film and television bases is also very small.According to the dynamic announcement of the crew of Hengdian Film and Television City’s official website, in early May 2019, there were only 27 local film crews, no longer the grand opening of seventy or eighty crews in 2016-2018.A person once predicted that after undergoing a comprehensive and in-depth adjustment of the industrial chain in 2019, film and television may be expected to recover again in 2020.”But according to current trends, this year’s crew will be less than in previous years.”” West Taihu Film and Television Base has 40-50 script groups filmed each year.”There were six script groups working in our base in April, and five or six large groups are discussing the work of stationing.”But Xu Xiusong admitted that although modern and contemporary dramas are increasing, these two alternatives are not very” sticky “to traditional film and television bases, so they are now following the trend of demand and doing on these two scenes and supporting facilities.Actively adjust.Dai Ting also revealed that more than 30 works were filmed at the Ningbo Film and Television Base last year. According to past data, at least five crews were lost in the first quarter of this year alone, “Although there are now ten teams interested in viewing scenes, includingSome online dramas, large universities and even short video short dramas, but there is certainly no way to completely replace the first half of the replacement.The “retaliatory consumption” of the tourism industry of “West Taihu Film and Television Base” is not optimistic. The film and television base is also closely related to the tourism industry.It has been reported by the media that the tourism revenue of Wuxi Film and TV Base accounts for nearly 80% of the total revenue. Every year, one million tourists come to see the Three Kingdoms and the scenery of Shuihu City.In 2019, Hengdian Film and Television City received Chinese and foreign tourists a total of 1918 times. It was fully converted from a film and television shooting park to a tourist destination such as sightseeing and leisure.The hillside of Duyun Film and Television City, where the finale of “Chen Qingling” was filmed, has been taken out of many ways by “Chen Qing Girls”.However, since the opening of the park in March, Duyun Film and Television City has only about 1,000 visitors per day, “the ratio is usually too small.”Almost all of them are tourists from Guizhou province, and almost none from outside the province.”The barren mountain filming” Chen Qingling “was taken out by fans.The picture comes from the network Zhou Qiankang frankly said that in the first half of this year, the tourism industry of Duyun Film and Television City, the income of film and television shooting is at least seven or eight million, but because the base is owned by the government, there is no pressure to rent.The West Taihu Film and Television Base has also conservatively estimated that it has lost nearly 10 million yuan. “The Spring Festival was originally a peak tourist season. Because of the epidemic situation, we took the initiative to lead three new year’s crews to settle in, plus the company’s indispensable investment in fixed expenditure.In addition to the loss of the script group’s revenue, tourism, relief measures, supporting businesses, etc. have suffered considerable losses.Xu Xiusong revealed.一些专家曾预测,疫情结束之后会存在“报复性消费”现象,有助于各产业经济恢复,但许秀松对此并不乐观,“因为这次跟之前‘非典’时期相比各方面客观环境Not the same, it requires the restart buffer and recovery time of the entire environment and industry.”The price of tourism shooting is reduced or exempted. In the second half of this year, a price war may be launched. In March of this year, invest 3.Shaanxi Bailuyuan Folk Culture Village with an area of 1250 acres of 500 million officially entered the suspension and rectification.A staff member of a catering business that once operated in the scenic area told the sauna, Yewang. It was a cold place early in the gate, and he only earned more than 90 yuan in half a year.It is reported that there are currently no more than 20 film and television bases operating the crew business nationwide.In order to mitigate the impact of the epidemic on operations, the first measure of the film and television base is to increase the flow of script groups and let the business rhythm run quickly.It is reported that the major film and television bases have been rushing to release preferential policies since February to reduce the prices of infrastructure, shooting props, and daily needs to attract more crews to settle in the second half of the year.For example, Hengdian Film and Television City will reduce the price by 10% based on the original price?20%) Provide rental or supply services of lighting, equipment, props, vehicles, plates, fast food, etc.Duyun Film and Television City plans to reduce the cost of some hotels and daily consumption for the script group at the base. For the film and television companies residing in the incubation park, prices have been reduced by 5% to 15% in all aspects.Ningbo Film and Television Base exempted the rental of studios for the film crews suspended from shooting at the base during the epidemic prevention and control, and the price of the film crew quarters was also reduced by 30%.”We hope to attract more crew through policies, and then obtain revenue through services such as accommodation, co-production, rental of props, and scenery.Hope to balance each other.Dai Ting said.Tourism is also two-pronged.At the end of February, Hengdian Film and Television City official website reopened tickets and hotel reservations, and the hotel + attractions packages were sold at half price.Tickets for Wuxi Three Kingdoms City and Water Margin City were also reduced by nearly 40% in March.The Ningbo Film and Television Base, which is not a tourist scenic spot, is also optimized for film and television related commercial complexes. For example, the five-star hotels near the industrial park, film and television theaters, wedding banquets, hotel taxis and other related product lines have undergone price adjustments.Film and television bases have made extraordinary moves to deal with the freezing period of the epidemic. The film and television industry, which was hit hard by the epidemic, is also eager to accumulate most projects in the second half of the year.”In the second half of the year, the movie city will definitely be crowded.”Zhou Qiankang predicted.Duyun Film and Television City covers an area of 990 acres and can accommodate up to six crews with more than 200 people at the same time. At present, eleven crews have preliminarily booked the filming for the second half of the year. “If they all come, it will definitely be more saturated.We hope this will happen.”Undoubtedly, in the autumn and winter of 2020, or under the acceleration of the industry, we will usher in the” spring blossom “in the number of shots, but the film and television base may also usher in an unprecedented” price war. “”It will definitely appear. This is the most basic response method in the market.Dai bluntly said.A senior producer also said that in the process of Xiejing, in addition to considering the fit with the script, price and preferential policies will also be one of the main considerations. “After all, many companies are faced with this matter.With regard to the operation of funds, every detail of the shooting will be more cautious and careful.”However, people in the industry do not want this to happen.”It is definitely not feasible to fight price wars, and all walks of life do not want or like price wars.”Zhou Qiankang said helplessly.In his view, the competition between the film and television bases in the second half of the year should be a big deal in terms of service, and try to replace the subsidies to attract the crew with the improvement of service levels.Dai Ting also believes that film and television bases need to focus on core competitiveness, that is, only by focusing on the characteristics of their respective bases can they overcome difficulties together.For example, better supporting facilities, a full set of shooting services, a more versatile ecological industry chain, product resources, shooting environment, etc.”The overall trend and direction of the film, television, cultural, and tourism industry is definitely positive.Xu Xiusong believes that in the winter of film and television, everyone’s emotions are “anxiety and hope.” As long as the audience is still watching dramas and movies, there are still idols and fans in the market. Once everyone can go out to play, the film and television base serves as an industryThere must still be room for development in the real entertainment sector.At present, the West Taihu Base will launch new products in the contemporary theme new scene area and tourism sector as soon as possible. While preparing for itself, it is also looking forward to the gradual recovery of the crew and tourists in the second half of the year.The law of development, but at least you must insist on living to have hope.Xu Xiusong cautiously optimistic.Sauna, Ye Wang Editor Zhang He Tong Na Proofreading Liu Jun