Wang Shuai and Chen Wenjin drove to the district the girl said,He looked,Found it was the handshake building,Just say:“Is there a bakery in this place?”

Two people got out of the car and took a look,Okay,Found a bakery。
Before going in,Wang Shuai confirmed again:“Really don’t need to find someone?Maybe how many people will be waiting。”
Looking for tank help,Time is too late to gather a considerable amount of manpower,Wang Shuai intended to ask Chen Xin for help,I think things are where the two girls live,Or in the hands of a group of them,As long as you clean up in one fell swoop,Not afraid of not being able to search。But Chen Wenjin said there was no need to find someone,Wang Shuai is also afraid that Chen Xin will keep the handle and not give him,Finally, the result of the transfer。If Chen Wenjin can deal with it,,That would be best。
“no problem,Avoid making things more complicated。”Chen Wenjin is sure of course,In case he can’t handle it alone,And the power of destiny。
Two people went upstairs,Knock on the door。
Tall girl opens the door,Took the cake,Smiled sweetly:“Thank you!”
Invited them in,The door closed。
Wang Shuai sees that the house is not big,Read it again,No room for Tibetans,Can’t help but hope that these two girls have no help,Or haven’t told the helper yet,if that’s the case,Things will be solved。
just,When he saw that the two girls didn’t clean up their makeup and make preparations for the event,My heart is cold again……
Two girls finished the cake,And gave them water to drink,Wang Shuai said:“Stop drinking,Let’s eat out。”
“Not in a hurry,I have something to tell you,Do you want to avoid it??”
Wang Shuai said with a smile:“No need to,Just say。”