Lu Menglin attacked outright,Actually took a great risk,In case he is surrounded by the sea of insects,Lost speed,The only end is to fight and die。

And the commander of the dark race hidden in the dark,It seems to be the same idea,It keeps moving,Keep the distance from Lu Menglin,But I took it deeper and deeper,It’s kind of meaning to use example as bait。
at last,It stopped moving,Maybe it’s because it feels that the encirclement has formed,Pockets can be tightened,The human master hanging behind,Already in its bag。
Lu Menglin’s speed does not decrease,Body shape turned into a streamer,Caught up to each other in a flash,Had a face-to-face with the enemy commander。
Unexpectedly,The commander of the dark race is not a bug,But the appearance of the human race,A green robe,A crown made of feathers on the head,Holding a staff,Skinny face,Glance over,It’s like a shriveled old woman。
Lu Menglin will never be deceived by its appearance,Because the commander of the dark race is very powerful,The bugs on the entire battlefield are under its control,Is a real rival。
One person and one monster shot almost at the same time,Lu Menglin did not hesitate to pull out the Anger Slasher,one move《Open Sky Slash》Head-on,Shot is the big move,Life and death are divided into one face。
And the monster that looks like an old woman,Actually raised the staff,A dark green ice storm was shot at Lu Menglin。
Lu Menglin only felt that the entire space in front of him was suddenly sluggish。
Followed by,There was a dense crash from his blood-light shield,A gust of wind mixed with a large amount of crushed ice is oncoming,Not only with powerful physical attacks,Even more terrifying is magic damage。
The energy of the blood shield is quickly weakened,Such a strange way of attack,Surprised Lu Menglin too。
All the time,The dark race he met,Strong or weak,Almost all are based on physical attacks,I have never encountered a dark monster that can perform magical attacks.。
This gust of wind and snow,Some are similar to the ice roar of the god nation mage,But the power is more powerful than ice roar。
and,Lu Menglin still smelled a hint of sweetness,I feel a little dizzy on my head。
In this green ice and snow,Possibly toxic damage!
Lu Menglin dare not care,Open Heaven Slash,Crashed down,I patted the old lady monster heavily。
boom!The old woman monster was hit by the knife,He disappeared as soon as he landed。
Lu Menglin frowned suddenly,Because he discovered,In just this short moment,The other party can even detect his mental power lock,Then cut off the spiritual connection between the two in time。