It’s just that the crocodile dragon has grown to 1.5 meters in just a few days,It is estimated that it will not take long for its body length to reach the level of an adult,And its appetite has changed from one basket to two baskets!

Zhu Minglang is starting to have a headache。
I guess I’m a little bit too hungry to feed the crocodiles,Have to find some more work to do。
On the seventh day,The little crocodile dragon finally completed its bite in the powerful rapids,So Zhu Minglang and Xiao Crocodile Ling once again appeared at the lake plank road bridge with high spirits.……
Clear lake,The grouper is indeed overflowing,They are not even near the submerged stone,Often shake their tails and long beards on the water。
I wish Minglang a big finger,There is a great potential to wield thousands of troops。
The black crocodile spirit dived into the lake,Biting into a plump blue fish monster at three times the speed of the past。
The blue fish monster was taken aback,Panic dodge。
at the same time,The other spotted blue fish monsters also reacted,Before the crocodile dragon gets close to them, it spreads out like ripples。
The crocodile dragon is much stronger than before,But chasing the spotted blue fish monster is like chasing his own shadow,Always have to touch them,They fall apart!
“Black teeth,Wash them away,And then chase the one who was alone!”I wish Minglang speak loudly。
Little Crocodile Spirit heard the command,Immediately changed an offensive method,Stop biting,Instead, they use their bodies to dissipate the ripples formed by these blue fish monsters,To panic some of them……
really,A young spotted fish monster has a flaw,It was washed away,Isolated from the school of fish,Without the beards of other spotted blue fish monsters to tell them the direction,They swim in a daze!