“My hearing has almost doubled the distance,In other words, my qi should almost double!”

Chen Xiu’s fingers beating like playing the piano,The West Line of Infuriating from the Fingertips,Pulling up the pebbles around him are spinning around him at high speed,From the outside, I think it’s a whirlwind spinning around him。
“Scolding,Lao Tzu’s current puppetry is definitely better than Zhang Haibao’s ability to control cranes,See him next time,I just grabbed his mysterious iron flying knife,Plug him into a hedgehog!”
Chen Xiuyi recovered his true energy,The pebbles around are“Pala pala”Of falling,Peek inside Dantian again,In the original invisible and colorless Qi,There was a hint of blue light。
“This……This blue light is familiar……Yes,It’s a bit like the brilliance of the blue sword when Guo Jing sacrificed the rain-covering sword before,But my blue is much lighter than his。”
“Is it that I am becoming stronger now, does it have something to do with these blue lights?”
“correct,Zhu Huiwei said,Guo Jing suddenly became amazing 30 years ago because he has cultivated some cultivator’s techniques。”
“Is the true qi turning blue related to the practice?”
“if so,Doesn’t it mean《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》The above exercises are also exercises for the cultivator!”
Relationships,The amount of information is too huge,Chen Xiu couldn’t be sure of his thoughts。
“If so,I will practice some real day《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》Isn’t the technique as awesome as Guo Jing,I don’t even need to use mahogany nails、These methods can beat Zhang Haibao to death!”
Chen Xiu is more excited the more I think about it,Now the gu worms in the body have been removed,He was thinking about how to rub Zhang Haibao and Zhu Huiwei on the ground and then rub。