“A friend asked me to talk about something,Unexpectedly, his car slid onto the pole,This dinner is taken。Or I invite you to have tea?”Xiongji laughed,Waved his hand at Xiao Xiao standing far away。

Xiao Xiao shook his head and said:“Then you go!I still have something to do at night”Xiao Xiao said,Turn around and leave,No room for negotiation。Xiao Xiao has such a temperament,Someone she looks down on,She didn’t want to say more than a word。
Xia Jian can’t refute Xiongji’s face,So he smiled and said:“Let’s go!Just how good we are”Xia Jian opened the rear door of Xiongji and sat on it。
After getting in the car, he realized something was wrong,Because there is a fragrance。Xia Jian couldn’t help but look sideways,There is still one person in the car,And she’s still a pretty woman。
“Hello there!Nice to meet you”The woman stretched out her hand very generously。
Xia Jian:“Oh!”With a,Reach out quickly,Shook hands with this woman。This woman’s hands are so smooth and soft,It’s almost like boneless。The car is a bit dark,Plus the first meeting,Xiongji didn’t introduce him,So Xia Jian was too embarrassed to look at her carefully。
The car moved slowly,No one in the car talks anymore。Xia Jian didn’t understand what Xiongji meant,And don’t introduce them to each other,It’s really embarrassing to sit like this。
Fortunately, the car stopped before going far。Xia Jian found out when I got off the bus,This woman is in her early thirties,Not only beautiful,Even a bit coquettish。Such a cold day,This woman is indeed wearing a long skirt,Although the outside of the long skirt is a purple coat,But it’s still a bit cold。
Until I entered the box of the tea house。Xiongji just said with a smile:“President Xia!Our young talents in Bucheon,Former executive general manager of a startup group。This big beauty is called Jiang Xue,Deputy General Manager of Baiye Investment Co., Ltd.”
“Mr. Xia!If your company wants to expand operations,You can find me when you need investment”Jiang Xue said,Drew a business card from his wallet and handed it over。
Xia Jian took it politely,He glanced at the business introduction and said:“Easy to say!I’ll call Mr. Jiang if necessary”When Xia Jian said this,,I still have some thoughts。
Xiongji greeted everyone to sit down,So I ordered a few snacks,Let the waiter serve tea when it’s over。Of course,Eat in wine tea,Naturally there will be more cakes and the like。
“Sorry Mr. Jiang,Did not eat dinner,I’m afraid this won’t work,Let’s go to another place in a while?”When Xiongji said this,Secretly glanced at Xia Jian。