“hehe……”Girl standing,Like a high princess,Gao proudly looked at the girl on the ground。

“Also said you,I told you.,Can not be tested than me。You are not long memory,You have taken the first,My mother and my father are very happy.,To me,Not hot,Say what you want to make you study。What do you count?,I want to learn from you?”
“What is it worth learning?,An adpented outsider,I want to integrate my home。”
“younger sister,sorry,sorry,I really don’t intentionally。”The girl on the ground is a big mistake,Tears,The wrong attitude is extremely inferior。
Blue Xin looked at this scene,And she was like Jiang Jing.。
This girl is inherently inferior to her,Admit,Just want to better integrate into the family,In order to get love,Get family,Get a home。
But the more you feel inferior,Live more sad。
Blue Xin slightly recovered attention,But unconsciously, tears。
Lu Haocheng went to her,She did not detect。
Until Lu Hao, helping her tears,She successfully succeeded,Slightly shaking head,Laugh:“I……Just some touch is born.,When I was young,My grade is always better than Jiang Jing.,Jiang Jing is also like this,Looking at the girl’s inferiority,I helped me like it.……”
Blue Xin suddenly lived in mouth,The people in front of her are Lu Haozheng,And Lu Hao Cheng has been living in his own blame。
Look at him,Sure enough, I saw that Lu Hao Chengzhi is full of guilt.。
She suddenly laughed,“Ah Cheng,I’m all right,Let’s go back。”
“Um!”Lu Hao nodded,Turned and push her go together。
Xiao Jun and Kiki silently followed them。
Just now, the mother is all the brothers and sisters listen to a clear。
Blue Qiqi walks out of a distance,I also looked back at the two sisters.,Still maintenance,Do your sister’s remarks, look at the sister on the ground。
“Mother,You must also be very sad that year.,Yes?”Blue Qiqi can’t help but ask。
Blue Xin has some guilt laughs,“Kiki,Those who have passed,You don’t have to put it on your heart.,Mom is now not thinking about those things.。”
She enacted her view,That deep into the memory of memory,Let her have some unable to come out。
Have forgotten,Xiao Jun and Kiki are also around her.。
She never brings a negative emotion to the children,Let the children follow her troubles。
Go back all the way,A family has not spoken again。
Blue Xin quiet low head,Back home,Mom has come back,She converges her emotions,Help mother, cooking。
Mu Qing knows that Le Yu is not good.,I call her and Mu Zihong to eat together.。
NS1015chapter:The roots of troubles
After dinner,Everyone talks about a day,Resting。
Mu Ziyu also accompanied Le Yu to return to his own home.。
Blue Xin looked very happy at the two people,I am relieved.。
When Lu Hao became a blue-heart, it was shower.,The sky is completely black。
Blue Xin only feels very tired today.,But Jiang Jing’s thing has not been solved yet.,She also sleeps well.。
Lu Haozheng put her in a soft bed,Also lying on her side, holding her,Big hand strokes her hair and forehead。
Blue Xin is slightly headed by him,“Ah Cheng,What is Jiang Jing??Someone in front of the family,I didn’t ask。”He saw that he received the phone from Lin Ye.。