50 acres of large pit change Greenland Fangshan District Dou Shi Town continues to promote beautiful rural construction

Into the north of Su Village, a large green, and the green oil and golden golden golden foliage are shining in the sun, and they have completed it. It is like a gorgeous oil painting.

According to reports, the forest is located in the east side of Jingkun Expressway. There are thousands of landscape trees such as gold leafy, national, and western Haiku, and Pine. It is hard to imagine that this year is still nearly 50 acres. The average depth of 6 meters, and often in the big wind day, there is a lot of safety hazards, which seriously plagued nearby villagers. Dou Shi Town insisted on putting the work of the work in the people’s happiness, handling the big things to the people’s heart, this year, through the focus of the plains, demolition, housing environment, etc., the big pit is thoroughly remedown After returning to the soil of nearly 200,000 cubic meters, and the trees on the original site have formed a "three seasons with flowers" "three seasons of evergreen" ecological space to make Su Village villagers have a good place to get close to nature. .

At present, the surroundings of the Sukun Expressway Su Village section have formed a forest land that covers an area of ??150 mu, which not only beautifies the surrounding environment, but also enhances the external display image of the village. In order to further promote the environmental improvement, Dou Shi Town will combine the beautiful rural construction work in the wide listening to the beautiful rural construction, and upgraded the forest land of the villagers in the villagers’ doors, plan to build trails, seats, etc. Facilities, facilitate villagers to play, so that the villagers have effectively enjoy the results of "removing and promoting" work and beautiful rural construction. (Editor: Bao Cong Ying, Gaoxing).