Chen Wenji replied:“You think too much,Just boring,Everyone come out to play pictures,How boring to sit。”

He keeps seeing Gan Yifan not pleasing to the eye,When the freshmen reported to the assigned dormitory for the first time and met Gan Yifan,He already has this feeling。At that time he took the initiative to greet Gan Yifan,Gan Yifan responds to indifference,Participate in military training thereafter,Gan Yifan’s performance is particularly outstanding,It’s like being militarized。
Tofu cubes,Stand for two hours without moving the bullet,And special,Special standard。
In the eyes of fellow girls,Gan Yifan withdrawn,But white,No matter how tanned,Very good skin,During military training,I’m talking about Gan Yifan in private。
And in the eyes of these boys,Only withdrawn。
Especially in the eyes of Chen Wenji who wants to show off,The limelight was taken away by Gan Yifan,Not only withdrawn,Still hate。
Get along for a month or two,Although Gan Yifan has changed,But in Chen Wenji’s eyes,Still that annoying roommate。Especially this time Gan Yifan’s rescue video was spread on the campus intranet,Another big show,He is even more disgusted。
Sometimes that’s it,When you see someone not pleasing to your eyes,No matter how much the other party has changed,The displeased still displeased。
Chen Wenji is like this to Gan Yifan。
This friendship306Dormitory outing,It was proposed by Wang Youwei,He heard that he was going to Ganjiazhuang to play,First is disgust,Next thought,It’s okay to go,Feel the details,See if you really have the capital or keep pretending。
Arrived at Ganjiazhuang,Gan Yifan arranged a few of them in the best hotel,He can’t book a room,Gan Yifan can book six rooms in one go,In addition, I saw Gan Shuai, a man in the fifth campus, accompany Gan Yifan to welcome him.,There is also a variant of tilapia that his father, who is the leader of the city planning bureau, cannot order,When he looked at Gan Yifan differently,,Very upset。
It’s so special that Gan Yifan stole the limelight。
Such mentality,It would be weird if I could give Gan Yifan a good face。
“There is no comparison,Just talk about fish,Dry white invite us to eat the variant Luo Fei with kindness,But I heard that it’s not good for women to eat this fish,plum,Didn’t you see that comment too。”
Zhou Xinyue’s family is engaged in real estate,She wanted Chen Wenji,At this moment, I also help to speak。