Laugh without talking and pain without talking,Growth and experience,There is only one person in life who knows me cold and warm, understands my joys,Even if you cherish me a little,Won’t make me sad easily,But it makes me sad, you can always do it easily。

Zheng Ziling looked at Xiangyang silently,Thousands of words in the eyes,But he didn’t mention a word in his mouth。
Sad,Unwilling,Feel wronged。Zheng Ziling looks at Xiangyang,It seems that deep breathing can’t relieve the pain in his body。
“what happened to you?”
Xiang Chen seems to have noticed Zheng Ziling’s changes,I don’t want to confirm that it is what I imagined,Xiangyang’s tone is hesitant,Still asked about Zheng Ziling’s status。
Zheng Ziling spread his hands,Smiled at Xiangyang。
I thought I had accumulated enough disappointment,and alsozjchildren.There will be no hesitation,This road,I walked here with Xiangyang。
But when Xiangyang sits beside him,Zheng Ziling found that the depression in his heart was wiped out most of the time。
I cursed secretly, I was useless,But when facing Xiangyang,Zheng Ziling still doesn’t have much negative emotions。
“You’re angry?”
Xiangyang frowned,Squinting at Zheng Ziling。
“No,I just…Hi!I just didn’t rest yesterday!”Zheng Ziling said in shock。
“Who are you lie to!”Xiang Yang pouted,Sitting next to Zheng Ziling。
Zheng Ziling looked at Xiang Chen close at hand,Thinking back to what my sister said to me:If you like a horse,Must not try to chase it,Because you can’t catch up。You should plant grass and flowers,Wait until the season when the grass grows and the warblers fly,Ma will come to you naturally。If it’s the season,It doesn’t matter if the horse doesn’t come back,Because you have flowers,With charm and capital,There will always be a horse running towards you。
But after seeing Xiangyang pouting,I couldn’t answer my sister’s words,Zheng Ziling now knows,Except for the sun in front of me,He doesn’t want anyone!
“I did not lie to you!No audio,I am empty!Understand?”Zheng Ziling looks at Xiangyang,Raise his head slightly,With a little pride。
“How can you be so free and easy!”Xiangyang rolled his eyes,Both sides of cheek,Blow up two small balls。