Liu Taosheng was flushed with shock,He’s not afraid of failing,But worried that Lu Menglin would be involved,Then you really deserve to die。

Director Wang on the podium gave a soft voice,Get up slowly,First brought the pair of reading glasses on the podium,Then he said in a deep voice:“Teacher Jin,what happened?”
So her surname is Jin!Teacher Jin!Teacher Jin!Many boys under the podium silently remember this name in their hearts。
“They want to hand in papers in advance!This is disrespect for the exam!I stopped them in time!”Kim So Yeon’s fragile anger。
“what?What reason is this!”There was an uproar in the audience,Many classmates are all at a loss,Puzzled。
Lu Menglin was relieved immediately,This girl is so hateful!It was deliberately scary!
Liu Taosheng is also dumbfounded,What’s the situation?Don’t follow the routine!
At this moment,Director Wang on the podium shook his head cheerfully and smiled:“Teacher Jin,You don’t need to be so nervous!In our school,Early submission of papers is allowed!”
Talk about it,Director Wang paused again,Loud voice:“Teacher Kim is Korean,I don’t know much about our education,Don’t be offended。Continue exam。”
Kim So Yeon spit out her tongue,Made a naughty face,Returned the test paper to Liu Taosheng in the back row。
Liu Taosheng escaped from death,Take a look at the test paper,It really is Lu Menglin’s share,Even the name is written as Lu
Menglin,He wondered,Doesn’t this Korean girl know Chinese characters??How could you let yourself go so easily?
Zhu Xiaoguang who is equally depressed with him,The goods were delivered and did not leave,Right at the door of the classroom,All the sounds inside can be heard clearly,I’m not happy,Why did Liu Taosheng hand in papers in advance and be stopped??I was the first to submit papers in advance!Why doesn’t the beautiful teacher bird me?Too bully!
Only Lu Menglin knows what’s going on,Can’t help but shook his head and smiled bitterly,Meet again,I was shaved by this beautiful Korean girl,The mind is tickled。
But this is also good,Anyway, you don’t need to edit the following essay questions by yourself,Let Liu Xueba think about it,The test paper in hand is blank,Just fill in Liu Taosheng’s name to hand in the paper。