Fang Yu is the most powerful person!

If she insisted,This order may be ruined!
“you are too polite!”
Fang Yu said。
“Mr. Fang’s business is my business……You don’t want to give you a gift last time。Just a car,No problem!The old man is talking about you……it’s good now,Have a car,You can also visit the old man often。
No need for me to send someone to pick it up,Hold me tight sometimes I’m busy!”
Zang Yun patted Ling Feng on the shoulder,Deeply。
Fang Yu nodded,
No longer say anything。
just,Zhao Ben on the side is not calm at all。
“When can the car go through the formalities?”
Zang Yun said coldly。
“within today,Can handle……”
Zhao Ben made sure。
They are not far from the DMV,If the procedures are complete,within today。
Zang Yun and Fang Yu,You can pick up the car and leave。
No extra steps required at all!