Ali said,Happily went into the kitchen。A little bored Xia Jian sat in the living room and watched TV for a while,Ali’s food is ready。They are eating,Chatting casually,The atmosphere is very relaxed。

“It’s still early to finish the meal,You don’t have to send me,I can go out for a taxi”Xia Jian suddenly said to Ali。He didn’t think he needed to be so troublesome。
Ali sneered:“What do you mean?Regarded me as a friend yesterday,Trust me so much,I don’t know anyone today?Just let me send you off!In the future, this opportunity may not be available again”
Ali’s words,Said Xia Jian was sad。She is right,Luo’s situation now,The number of times he will come after Xia Jian will be limited。
“Ok!Since you said that,I’m not polite anymore。I go upstairs to clean up,After you finish packing, let’s set off”Xia Jian smiled and said。
Ali pointed at the door and said:“Your suitcase was broken,I bought you a new one,You take it and replace it,Throw away the old one for a while”
“The lock is broken,Nothing else,Should still work”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Ali suddenly changed her face and said:“Then you mean I throw away the new one?Okay!You throw it for me in a while”Ali finished,Packed up the dishes and got up and went back to the kitchen。
Xia Jian stayed for a while,He suddenly found,Now Ali is talking,More and more like Luo Yi。It seems to be a nanny for Luo Yi,Personality will change accordingly。
Good intentions,It would be too much for him to refuse。Xia Jian walked behind the door,Putting Ali’s newly bought suitcase and went upstairs。
Men have little things,Besides, Xia Jian is still a person who likes simplicity,So his stuff is even less。
Xia Jian thinks it’s almost time,Carrying the suitcase and went downstairs。Ali has changed clothes and sat on the sofa waiting for him。
The Luo family does not lack cars,Ali went to the underground parking garage and drove a blue sports car Xia Jian had drove with Luo Yi before, out of the garage。Xia Jian said nothing,Pull the door and sit up。
First2260chapter Leave without saying goodbye
Ali’s driving level,No doubt。Xia Jian is sitting in the passenger seat,Especially relieved。Driving through downtown,Quickly from the suburbs onto the highway。This way,Xia Jian didn’t say a word。
Ali concentrated on driving her car,Until the airport,She sighed and said:“You are finally safe,In this case, I’m relieved”
“Thanks Ali!Please come to our hometown when you are free,I will treat you well”Xia Jian’s voice just fell,The car has stopped smoothly at the airport gate。