“Why are you back?The hospital is off?”

Saw my son come back,Fang Deyun is finishing the medicine for the patient,Walked over and asked。
Fang Yu lowered his head,Sigh lightly。
“what!What is the reason?Really can’t do,You come back to Fang’s pharmacy……Your right hand,There is no way to grab a scalpel,I don’t know what you are thinking!
I have to go to the hospital for an internship for three years!”
Fang Deyun said solemnly,Deep face。
“father,You are not angry?”
Fang Yu was shocked,Father didn’t mean to be angry at all。
After all, father’s wish,I always asked Fang Yu to be a doctor at the People’s Hospital。
“You are like this,What can i say……I’m going to smoke a cigarette,You get me medicine!”
Fang Deyun ordered。