Some ski resorts in Jilin Province

  With the decline in temperature, in some areas of Jilin Province come. At the temperature and humidity, the snowfield is formally binding to the snow. In the early morning of the 15th, the Temple Xiangshan Ski Resort Snow Equipment was completed, opened 2021-2022 snow season savings, only for the long-awaited snow friends as soon as possible, the wishes of mountaineering skiing.

At 21:8 on the 16th, the firepower of the temple in Xiangshan opened.

  At the same time, Wanda Changbai Mountain International Resort also officially opened the snow on the evening of the 16th, in the rumble of the machine, the haze of the white powder was continuously sprayed from the "gun" and fell, for the original autumn The "Wuli Mountain" is published on "White Soy."

At the same time in the snow, the resort will also launch a promotion during the "Double 11" period, pre-sale activities are officially started from 20 o’clock on October 20. "Double 11" cross-store cross-platform full 200 yuan minus 30 yuan, Tmall, Flying pig platform support cross-store cross-platform full reduction, not capped. There is also a single night’s meals / two-night two-night assignment / three-night meals containing beautiful gifts / northwest joint travel / Haidong Qing ski sharing camp and other preferential products.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Shille.