Taiyuan relaxed slight transportation illegal punishment seven behavior

  Original title: Slight Transport illegal behavior to relax 7 kinds of behaviors from punishment 10 kinds of behaviors first free throw on September 14, traffic police detachment, in order to implement the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, Provincial Department Traffic Management Bureau, the city, our city The traffic police did not punish 7 mini traffic violations, and freely penalized 10 minor traffic violations.

  Seven kinds of mild traffic violations of the exemption penalty include: motor vehicle violations warning sign indicated; motor vehicles violate warning marking instructions; do not carry driving licenses with the car; do not carry driver’s license with the car; The motor train is not placed; the motor vehicle is not placed in the road; the motor vehicle has installed the number plate but does not use the number plate special fixture.

  In addition to these seven kinds of slight traffic violations, the traffic police in the city also announced the seven mild traffic violations of motor vehicle spraying, paste identification or body advertising affecting safety driving. That is to say, the current traffic police in our city is exempt from 14 minor traffic violations.

  10 kinds of traffic violations of the first-time free of charge include: no parking according to the regulations; in the disabled area or road section, the horn is stopped; the shipment is stopped or stopped in the intersection through the intersection; driving medium or more On the road outside the highway, driving exceeded the specified time speed without 20%; driving medium or more passenger car, other motor vehicles outside the dangerous goods transport exceeds 20%; driving The cargo carrier exceeds the quality of the nuclear load without reaching 30%; the motor vehicle does not use the light from the ramp to enter or leave the highway; ride on the highway, rolling lines; in the highway or city When driving other roads outside the expressway, the driver did not use the seat belt as required; driving a motor vehicle on the road outside the highway and urban expressway, the road is not carried on the road.

  At the same time as relaxing the punishment of mild traffic violations, traffic police also announced eight serious traffic violations to strictly investigate and deal with the violations. They are: drunk driving drunk driving; severe speed; overload; fatigue driving; highway illegal parking; change lane affecting other Vehicle driving; unauthorized changing motor vehicle profile and registered technical data; encounter a motor vehicle parking queuing or slow driving, borrowing overtaking or occupying opposite cars, insert waiting for vehicles. (Zhang Jinfeng, Liu Haijun).