The Bank of China issued a document to increase the revitalization of rural resolution

[] The Bank of China recently released the "Notice on the Revitalization of the 2021 Banking Insurance High Quality Services Village (hereinafter referred to as" Notice "). "Notice" proposes the requirements of the 2021 banking insurance industry high-quality service rural resolution, including optimizing financial services supply system and service mechanism, strengthening the supply of financial products in key fields, enhances the quality of financial services in counties, strengthening rural credit The construction of the system, play an insurance support, innovation financial products and service innovation, support consolidation to expand the effective connection of the rural revitalization, strengthen differentiated supervision assessment, and involve 23 specific content. "Notice" proposed, to further strengthen various institutions to position, service, focus on improving differentiated competitiveness, constructing a distinct level, and complementing each other.

Encourage banking financial institutions to establish an internal institution that serves rural revitalization. Encourage banks to policies in rural revitalization services in credit approval process, credit authority, product research and development. The "Notice" requires the supply of credit and insurance services around the focus of the central rural work conference. Priority to support national food production, help the agricultural rural infrastructure short board, innovative service new agricultural business main body, farmers and entering the city farmers.

  For the amount of deposit and loan ratio in the preferentiality of funds, the "Notice" proposes to meet the needs of county effective funds.

Keep the rural basic financial services basic full coverage, optimize the county and community financial services, meet the integrated financial needs of county customers, and improve the convenience of the special group to obtain financial services.

  "Notice" Encourage banking insurance industry to strengthen financial science and technology and digital technology in the application of farming financial sector, and improve the credit efficiency of long-taped customers in rural areas, as well as domestic dangerous digitization, intelligent management level.

Further broaden the range of farmers and loans. Wu Qi, Executive Dean of Wuxi Digital Economy, said that digital technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, block chain, helps optimize the business approval process of banking financial institutions, improve credit transmission efficiency and risk pricing level, and relieve agricultural enterprises. , Farmers information asymmetry, reduce financial services, time costs, and information acquisition costs, break the credit constraints that depend on collateral, guarantee, etc., and further enhance financial services can be obtained. At the same time, "Notice" proposes to expand three major main grain crops full cost and income insurance pilot pilot pilot, encourage development of dominant characteristics of agricultural products insurance.

Actively develop Pu Hui insurance for low-income people, innovate commercial pension insurance products.

  In addition, the "Notice" clarifies that the target of differentiated supervision and evaluation of the decision of 2021, and strives to achieve the continued growth of farmers and loans in the same caliber, and complete the spread of the Popularity-related farmers and loans.

  He Fei, the chief policy analyst of the Bank of China Financial Research Center, said that financial institutions such as subsequent bank insurance industry should accelerate the ability and efficiency of high quality service rural resolution, and further strengthen the financial services model and financial product innovation, and increase the countryside. Revitalization of key areas, regional and weak links. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.