Bank of Communications Shenzhen Branch’s first single "cross-border finance" business landing front sea

  People’s Network Shenzhen October 19th (Wang Xing) On October 19th, the Bank of Communications Shenzhen Branch’s first "cross-border system" business officially landed in the sea. On October 18, the Bank of Communications has become the first pilot bank that is allowed to open the "cross-border management" business.

The row adheres to the initial heart of "creating value for customers". For the current number of products in the current market, customers choose difficulties and time costs, consider the advantages, customer needs, market characteristics, etc., in the whole market It is preferred that more than 50 historical performance, long-term performance, stable investment products, incorporating the list of "Northern Tongtong" products.

  In terms of "Nantong" products, Bank of Communications provides a wide range of more than 100 investment products such as deposits, bonds, public fund funds, etc.

  The Bank of China Shenzhen Branch "Cross-border Treatment" has been realized, and the business has been supported by the online signing, "Nan Dongtong" agent witnesses account opening, online risk assessment, online information query and product purchase, etc., and will pass the system , The continuous optimization of the business process and channels, providing comprehensive, high-quality, convenient and efficient cross-border wealth management services for Guangdong, Macau Danwan District, contributing to the "Communication Innovation forces" for the Minsheng Finance Construction in Daxan District.

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