Bicycle Fan Final Final (Chengdu Wenjiang Station) Fire Competition

People’s Network Chengdu November 6th (Wang Jun) November 6th – 7th, "Love Chengdu · Welcome to the Universiade" 2020 Tianfu Green Road Bicycle Fans Final Final (Chengdu Wenjiang Station) and Tianfu Green Road Health The cycling activity kicked off in Wenjiang Beilin.

After 11 years of development, Tianfu Green Road Bicycle Fan Fans will continue to increase.

According to the organizing committee, only 12 hours of registration is opened, almost all group places are full, and it is a popularity of the event in bicycle enthusiasts. This event is carried out in 2 days, the first day is the unit group competition, there are more than 100 teams to participate, the second day of the game is open, youth racing and child skilbox, nearly 700 bike hobbies And nearly 200 families, form a variety of schemes not only promoted the national fitness, sports industry development, but also cultivated backup forces for bicycle sports, boosting competitive sports development.

In the vast participants and enthusiasts, the car fan has become a classic traditional festival for a bicycle motion theme.

The car fan is not only the contest of competitive sports, but also the platform of the sky, enjoying the fun, not only that, in addition, everyone can enjoy different natural scenery, taste all kinds of food To buy a special touristine special product … Vehicle fans are in the integration of sports competitions, practice the "sports +" concept, and become a sports competition benchmark for cultural and sports travers integration. In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the event, the organizing committee has developed and implemented a perfect prevention and control measures under the guidance of the health department.

The relevant departments of Wenjiang District also set up a quarantine area, configured professional medical personnel and ambulance and other medical security to ensure the safety of the event. It is a Wenjiang District, which is the 8th, has a strong history. The ecology is good, and the location is convenient. It is an important part of Chengdu Central City, and there is "Jin Wenjiang"