The audience in the live broadcast room listened,Also smelled an unusual smell,Someone seems to have done something!

They are the same as Huazi and others,I don’t think Brother Hu will make a mistake。Brother Hu used countless times to pick up leaks,Tell everyone his strength,Is already obvious to all。
A stone stele,In the eyes of Brother Hu,It should be difficult to hide the past,Fake can’t be true。
“is it?Then I think you can inform your leader,Let them re-identify。This stone stele,The traces of imitation are not difficult to see。
From the content,What is recorded is the Song Dynasty,But from the perspective of carving,This is a bright monument。Stone stele of the Ming Dynasty,It’s more than three to four hundred years.,Its skin shouldn’t be like this。
In addition,You can see the base of the ancient stele,There are also traces of machine cutting。Although a bit vague,But I’m pretty sure it was made by modern machines。”Hu Yang pointed out a few improper points。
Listening to Hu Yang speaks seriously,All right、Very sure,Uncle and the staff are a little confused,Not so sure。
Qi Hongye doesn’t want to embarrass himself in this place,Hurriedly told the staff:“Brother Hu is a master of identification,The curators of the museum praised him for his ability。He said it was from Gao Fang,It’s better to find someone to take a look again。”
That uncle was dumbfounded,Unexpectedly, the young man Populus is still a master of identification?Praised by the museum curator,That must be a bit capable。
at this time,He was a little skeptical,Did the Confucian Temple make a mistake?。
Hear this,The staff dare not be tough,Aware of the seriousness of the problem,Hurried to find the leader。
Uncle but doubt:“Young man,How do you know it is a Mingbei?”
“I just said!Look at the carving。Peacock pattern on it、Tianma these carvings,These are basically the characteristics of the Ming Dynasty。This is actually very similar to the pattern of porcelain,Characteristics of the times。”
Populus tells everyone,The peacock is the mount of Western Amitabha,The poison of greed representing the pure,Turning imagination into observational wisdom,Samaya is shaped like a lotus。