Besides, if I marry someone then,I’m afraid we will both be killed,People nowadays for money,Dare to do anything。

Widow Liu
It’s very clear how vicious some people are,Those who are related by blood,It’s all possible to fight for money,Outsiders,What is that??
The blind mother sighed,But didn’t say much。
Widow Liu is going to get some her own leeks,She wants to make some leek pie,This thing is to refresh Qin Feng。
When Widow Liu went to cook,Someone knocked on the door outside,The blind mother went to open the door。
“Aunt,I wonder if Xiaomei is there??”A man with a sharp-mouthed monkey gill came over with a bag of gifts。
“Oh,She is busy,Don’t know what’s the matter?”The blind mother said blankly,She doesn’t need to ask, but she knows what the person in front of her is like。
For such a person,She doesn’t need to look good at all,Otherwise, I will cause trouble to the people on my side。
(End of this chapter)
Chapter VIII Get the trust of Qin Feng
“Things are like this,I want to ask,Did she get any news from Qin Feng just now??This news,I can also buy it with money,How about a hundred yuan?”
The man said with a smile,This is a sneer in the blind mother’s heart。
One hundred yuan,Even if it’s 10,000 yuan,Qin Feng might not even speak,I have received accurate information here,Once you say it,,How can Qin Feng believe them in the future??
“This thing,You should ask Qin Feng。”The blind mother closed the door directly,That person was almost hit by the door。
“I bother,Blind old woman。”When that person found out that the blind mother-in-law was like this,He is also very upset。